From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021

Ministry Cd's and Cassettes

This is a partial listing of past messages we have available. If you would like to listen to a particular one let us know and we will load it to the website for you to listen and /or download.  Also check out our online media that we have here!



12139- Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

1269-Reaching Forth

113009-My God Shall Supply

112209-Sign Seeking Generation

11159- Happy is The Man

1189-But We Have the Mind of Christ

1119-So Great Faith

10259- Revive Us Again

10189- Great is Thy Faithfulness

10119- God Has a Purpose

1069- Discipline

9279- Let It Be Known This Day

9209- Preparation Day

969- Living Faith

83009- Renewed In The Inner Man

8239-Increase of His Kingdom Rule

8169- So Much More

829- Discerning Spirits

7269- I Will Pray As Long As I Live

7199- When and Where the Wind Blows

7129-Where's the Fire Falling (By Paul)

759- I Have Seen A Man

6309- Life On God's Promises

5319- Written For Our Learning and Living

5199-Be Still and Know That I Am God

5179- God Has a Plan

539-Is Any Among You?

4269- The Picture

4199-The Blessing

459-These Signs

4129- The Ressurection

3299- What Manner of man

3229- Manifested Glory

389- It's Time

 319-Our Faithful God

2229- Growing Up

2159-This Is The Day

1259-Stay Clear of Entanglement

1189- Strength to Bring Forth

1119-Shew Me Your Ways

149-Speak To The Bones (By Paul)

5408-The Power of Your Words

51108- Blessing and Cursing

51808- Faith Words

52508- Posess By Speaking and Believing


6808-Loaded With Benefits

61508-I Write Unto You

62208-Hear This All Ye Inhabitants

62908-Citizenship (By Paul)

7608- Seeking the Living God

71308- Be Followers of God

72008- Imaginations

72708-The Indwelling Word

8308-Avoiding Apathy

81008- Pleasing God

81708-Believing the Promises (By Paul)

82408- Loosing Your Love For the World

83108- Perfectly Whole

9708-Upon This Rock

92108-Honor the Blood

92808- Our Eternal Hope(By Paul)

101208-Is There Going to Be a Revival?

101908-Authority of Believers

102608- Perfecting Love or Waxing Cold

102008- Joy is Coming

112308- Testing Our Spirituality

113008- What Spirit Are We Of?

12708- Elisha's Bones

121408-Times and Seasons


Prophetic Tape Series
Message 1- The Beginning of Sorrows
Message 2 Enduring to the End
Message 3 Abomination of Desolation
Message 4 Rulers of the Goods

42708-Unless I Had Believed

42008- Faith

41308- Maintaining a Peace Life

40608- And We Know
33008- The Exalted One and His Name
32308- Declared by The Resurrection
31608- Arise O Lord Unto Thy Rest
22408- Healing Study Part 1-Part 4 ( By Pamela)
21708- Time For War (By Paul)
21008- Walking At Liberty
12008- Look Unto The Rock
11308- Talk of God's Goodness
1608- Is the Word Bringing Forth Fruit in You
123007- Standing Complete in All the Will of God
122307- The Word of Righteousness-Law of Righteousness- Work of Righteousness
120907- Show Me Thy Ways Oh Lord, Teach Me Thy Paths
120207-One Word From God Can Change You Forever



112507- Established in the Anointing
111107 -Offering By Fire
110407 -Rehearsing Things of Truth
102807 -Embracing the Glory
102107 -Ministry of Reconciliation
101407 -Keeping our Witness Alive
100707 -Can These Bones Live-Paul Hale
93007 -Running in a Dry Land
81207 -This then is the Message
72907- I am a Green Tree
72207- The Shepherd and the Thief
71507- The Power of the Renewed Mind
70807- Assignment in Prayer
70107 – Faith the stands in the Power of God
62407- Truth and Freedom
61707- Power
61007- And Samuel Grew On
52707- Freedom to Please God
52007- Abounding in the Faith
51307- Calling the Mothers in Israel
50607 O Jesus You are My God
42907- The Tongue of the Learned
42207- Under the Mighty Hand of God
41507- Submitting to the Righteousness of God
40807- Living in the Resurrection Power
40107- Be of Good Cheer
32507- Guard Your Affection
21807- Buy the Truth and Sell it Not
21107- Restorers of Paths to Dwell In
20407- Five Keys to Releasing God’s Ability
12807- Is Anything to Hard for God?
12107- A Mandate from God
11407- Looking Diligently to Inherit the Blessing
123106- Coming out of Hiding
122406- We need to hear the Word of God
121707- Waiting upon God
121007- Blessed am I -The Time is at Hand
120306- Sowing and Reaping
112606- The Glorious Possibilities
111906- Dwelling in Safety
111206- The Counsel of Safety and Success
110506- The Assembly- Consider One Another
102906- Pursuing God- Paul, Pursuing God in Communion- Bro. Hale
102206- Overcoming in Tribulation
101507- The Power of Love
100806- A Life of tranquility
100106- The Other Side of the Door
92406- The Fullness of Him
91706- Psalm 100
91006- What’s Your Shout About?
90306- And the Works Go On
82706- Happy is the People Whose God is the Lord
82006- Understanding What the Will of the Lord is
81306- Blessed be God!
80606- Search the Scriptures
73006- Able to Stand
72306- Revelation Life
71606- Praying our Hearts Desire
70906- For the Glory of God
70206- The Seduction of the Elect
61806 To Offer up Spiritual Sacrifices Part 1&2
61106- Baptism in the Holy Ghost
60406- The Anointing of Lies
32306- Walk as Children of light
52806- How do you See Yourself?
52106- Holding Forth the Word of Life
51406- Going on Beyond –The Infallible Proof
50706- Coming in the Fullness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ
43006- Glorious Inheritance
42306- Go and Tell Peter -Resurrection of Love
41606- Have I Got a Witness (Resurrection)
40906- For God was With Him
40206- Because of the Anointing
32606- Another Gospel?
31906- Enabling Anointing
31206- Living Hope
30506- The Welding Wedge
022606- Spiritual fervency
21206- Pressing in to My Future
12906- The Growing Believer
20506- Faith Heritage
12206- The Working of the Gospel
11506- New Starts
10806- It Matters Who we Spend Time With
122505 Burying Old Things- All Things are New (2 tape set)
120805- Draw Near to God
121105- Enter in to His Rest
120405- Let’s talk Heaven
111305- Sanctify Yourself and Come with me to the Sacrifice
102305- Making Your Home a Sanctuary for God & a Haven for Men
103005- Living the Promises
101605- Two Great needs
100205- Touching Jesus is all the Matters
92505- Living in the Presence
91805- Fruit of Vision
91105- The Certainty of Things
90405- Growing- Waiting- Glory
82805- The Name of Jesus
82105- Keeping Yourself
81405- The Days of Noah Again
80705- Our Reputation
73105- Patience- The Forgotten Virtue
71505- The Work of Redemption
71005- Who we Are
62605- Seeking Those to Appoint (2 parts)
61905- Now is Come
60205- Ye Shall Eat with Me Today
61205- Proving the Will of God
60505- Pass the Salt Please
52905- The Prospering Word
52205- Boldness Produces
51505- God’s Highest Call
50805- Seeing the Power of God
50105- The Voice of the Song
42405- The Lord is My Shepherd
41705- Debtors to the Spirit
40305- The Kingdom of God
32705- Resurrection
32005- Who is This?
31305- Communication of love and Faith
30605- People- Promises- Problems
22705- Eyes of God Stop on me
22005- The Same Spirit of Faith



21305- Going Beyond