From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021
This Generation
"Whereunto shall I liken this generation"... (Matt 11:16
These are the words spoken by Jesus when addressing the people of His time here in the flesh. How would you answer that question if asked today? What is this generation like? How do you see it? How does God see it? What do you want it to be like? What does God want it to be like?
When I first began in ministry, about thirty years ago, there was great concern about the generation of teens at the time. People did not know how to communicate with them or what to do to spark an interest in them for Christ. Some  people started labeling them the "lost generation."  It is possible to loose an entire generation. It happened at the time of Noah and again in Moses time. However, thank God, the teen generation thirty years ago was not lost beyond redemption, and neither is any other.
The Bible tells us that God's truth, faithfulness and mercy is to all generations. (Psalm 100:5, Psalm 119:90, Luke 1:50)
When John came preaching, he called his generations vipers. (Matt. 3:7) Jesus said they were evil and adulterous seeking only for signs. (Matt12:29) In other places, He said they were faithless and perverse. (Matt. 17:17) When Peter preached on the day of Pentecost, he said to the people, they should save themselves from this untoward (wicked and perverse) generation. (Acts 2:40) I believe every generation can be classified as these described, for every generation has its own sins that have to be dealt with.
It is the gospel that changes people in every generation. Without the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, every generation would be wicked, evil, perverse, faithless and lost. Each person has to hear the truth and then respond to it. If one responds correctly that person will be changed by God's grace and mercy. Next, that person will begin to affect change in others around them and a whole generation can be changed. However, if that person rejects the truth, then they will go on in sin and it will get worse with time. That person and sin will affect others around them and it is possible to lead a whole generation the wrong way.
When Jesus was here, He did mighty miracles. The whole generation of people saw these yet rejected Him in the end. (Luke 17:25) Jesus said, when truth has come, freedom comes. However, when someone allows bondage to come back it will be worse in the end than in the beginning. (Matt. 12:45) he said this about His generation. It is possible for a person to be changed and then go backward. It is also possible for a generation to be enlightened and revert back to darkness.
It is, as it has always been up to us as individuals to share the truth with others so they can have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ, be changed themselves and then change their generation with the light of Christ.
The Bible says that David served his own generation as a teacher and leader. He did not let anything stop him from doing that. (See Acts 13:36)
It is up to you and I to serve our generation shining the light, sharing the truth, holding forth the Word of God's love, grace and salvation so as to affect the changes needed. (Phil. 2:12-16) We do not have to have a lost generation but rather one that seeks God! (Psalm 24:6)