From Fathers Heart To Yours
Sunday, June 20, 2021

Thirsting for the Living God

There are times in all our lives that we realize our need for God. These come more often when troubles arise, especially unexpected troubles. When oppression and depression comes seemingly out of nowhere, we know we need that anointing presence of God that will remove the burden and destroy that yoke, replacing the spirit of heaviness with a garment of praise.
I have found that when I am standing in faith for a healing or a miracle of some kind, the battle between flesh and spirit grows stronger. The voice of the enemy is ringing in my ears saying, "Where is my God?" My mind becomes the target of every doubtful thought as the voice of fear pierce my bones like a sword. (Read Ps. 42) When I resort to tears in my struggles and it seems like the wait is more that I can endure, When the trail of my faith is more like a war zone that it is silver and gold, there is still a deep, very deep awareness of my need and desire for the living God.  When I become intently aware of my need for God and only God can meet my need, the hunger and thirst begin and I start my quest for Him as the hart that pants for the water brook.
I personally believe and most serious Christians would agree that we all need a church home, a church family where we can find spiritual nourishment and fellowship. I like being in church, and I have a good time! I am sure some of you do as well.
However, when we leave church, the good feelings do not always stay with us. Sometimes, we may find ourselves cast down, heavy and asking, why does my soul have this unrest?
Our usual response is to go after the feelings again. I felt good, I felt happy, I enjoyed myself, I want it to be that way again! Even if or when I have another church experience and it does not satisfy completely, I will  come to know and understand that feelings and experiences will never satisfy my deepest need. It must be Jesus and only Jesus!
When I start to remember Him, not just a feeling, not the heaviness, not the tears, not the trouble but the living God!  This is not a dead religion, it is not an idol, it is a living relationship with a living God that goes deeper, much deeper than an experience, feelings or emotion. When I remember Him I remember that I am not alone. Through all my difficult times He is with me because He is in me. He reminds me of His Words, promises and works! He reminds me that He is the giver of every good and perfect gift, even the feelings and emotions and experiences were gifts from my God for me to enjoy.
There is a deep place in all of us that hears the voice of our God. When he begins to let His living water flow to us, it is His call coming. His deep calls unto our deep. It goes past the enemies works, past the tears, past troubles, past doubt and fear and even past all feelings to bring peace to a troubled sou, joy to a wounded spirit and strength to get up and go on.
He will command His loving kindness, which is better that life in my daytime. When the night comes, His song shall be with me and my prayers will go out, up and in to the very heart of the Living God! I will praise Him, who is the God of my life! He is the health and help of my life, my living God!
Why go I mourning because of the oppression of the enemy? Jesus Christ is still anointed to heal all who are oppressed of the devil! He said, if any man thirst, come to me and drink!