From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021

The Father's Heart

The Fathers Heart
Reading Luke 15:11-32

In this we have commonly referred to as the story of the prodigal son, let us rather focus our attention on the father for the main portion of our study.
This man had two sons and he had laid up goods for their inheritance. The younger asked for his portion a d he got it, but so did the older.
Let us not here that neither son had to beg, plead, or manipulate their father. Neither was there an issue of, "I've deserved it", or "I've earned it". The son could see, he was well aware that the father had laid up these goods for him, so he simply asked and received.
Now before we go on, let's remind ourselves that the son left where he belonged and in process of time, wasted all that he had been given and ended up in the hog pen.
Not one of us has lived a perfect life, and not found ourselves going or having gone the wrong way and were not good stewards of God's provision.
We can't be too hard on the wandering son for we've all been there ourselves.
However far we may have gone or how wasteful we have been, let's remember that we still belong to our father. His heart is towards us and His eye is one us. He has not forgotten us neither forsaken us. If we are born again we have received His Spirit, whereby we cry Abba Father! He is and has been always looking for us to come home.
The son only had to ask for the goods his father had and he only had to ask to be received home again. As is with our heavenly father, we will always get more than what we ask for.
We that stayed home must be careful to not let our attitude be wrong toward those that have wandered and returned. The Father's heart is to receive them and this must also be ours. But we see in the older son a critical spirit, a judgmental attitude, assuming things instead of happy to see his brother home. HE could not enter into the joy of his father and his brother because of his religious spirit: "I have stayed at home. I have done everything right. I've worked, I have been faithful all the way and I refuse to be a part of this celebration over my riotous brother!" He could not see the father's heart.
Now remember the father divided his goods unto them. The older brother had the goods too. Look at this! The younger asked and received and began to use and enjoy his goods that came from his father, though his enjoyment was only in the flesh, the principle is that we as spirit sons can enjoy our fathers goods. The older received goods as well, yet he did not enjoy the goods His father gave him. HE wanted to enjoy but he wouldn't ask nor would he use the privilege of ownership. He had his mind on a goat when could have had a fatted calf.
Look at us beloved as the people of God. Our father has laid up much goods for us in Jesus Christ. If we would ask to see the goods (1 Corinthians 2:9-16), and ask for what our father has prepared. His heart is toward us to give freely to us all things in Jesus Christ. (Romans 8:32).
Our father is ready to distribute to all that will ask and receive. Abiding in Him and He in us gives us the authority and goods of the Father's house. We need not stand aside and ponder what we can't have, cannot enjoy, and cannot do for the kingdom of God. Our father has given us the goods. All that He has is ours. We can by faith come to the riches of the inheritance in Christ Jesus and go forth in joy and victory and the proclamation of the gospel of peace!
It's the Father's heart!