From Fathers Heart To Yours
Sunday, June 20, 2021

Supernatural Events

Supernatural Events
            As I was reading the account of Jesus walking on water in Matthew chapter fourteen verses twenty two through thirty six, it occurred to me that the people around Jesus were always experiencing supernatural events.
            The scriptures record for us the life and events of Jesus' life. In these accounts there are always miraculous happenings along with the preaching and teaching of the word. People who came to hear Him, came also expecting a supernatural event of some kind.
            I know that many people today try and explain away some or all of these miracles. Some say that they were just in Jesus days and/or the days of the apostles after Him. But the scriptures tell us that He never changes and what He once did, He will do again.
            Many people believe that the miracles of the Bible didn't really happen at all but rather are some kind of parable or allegory. However there is no mistake about it when reading the writings of the apostles. Their preaching always spoke of the supernatural events in Jesus' life and those of God before He came.
            Just look for a moment at this one chapter. Jesus multiplied five loaves and two fish to feed twenty thousand people with twelve baskets full left over. He protected the lives of the apostles while in the storm. He walked on water in the midst of the storm. He commanded Peer to walk and water and he did. He rescued Peter when he fell and carried him safely to the ship. He calmed the storm and raging sea. He then jet propelled the ship to the other side where He told the apostles to go in the first place. Then as soon as He got there, they brought all the sick people in that part of the country and He healed all who touched Him in faith, Wow! So many miraculous, supernatural events in such a short space of time. And yet every day of His life was and is like that.
            Right now you may be thinking "Yeah, but you just don't know what a mess I'm in. Jesus probably doesn't even know I exist. If he did, He more than likely doesn't care about what I'm going through. And even if He did, does He really still do miracles today for somebody like me?"
            The answer to all these questions and concerns is yes! I know that some of you looks at us who go to church and profess to be Christians and think that we've always been the way you see us now. But that's not the case. We've all had our times and sometime's still do when we're caught in the middle of a storm and can't go forward or backwards. The only answer for us and you is for Jesus to come to our rescue.
            I've often said and will say it again that one of the greatest prayers that anyone can pray is the prayer of Peter when he saw himself sinking in the stormy sea: "Lord, save me", he cried. Jesus Christ will do the same for anyone who cries out for His saving power and grace today.
            When we call upon Jesus to save is from our sins He will immediately give us the greatest supernatural event in the universe. It's called being born again, being delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of God's dear son Jesus. Then building your life on His word, you will be equipped to stand during any and all storms of life, each one being a supernatural event that God does just for you.