From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021
No One Can Touch You like Jesus Can
“Who is like unto the Lord our God?” (Psalm113:5) Can you tell me who is like God? Throughout the ages of time men have tried to find a reason for not believing in God. People of all generations have accepted substitutes for the real God, making themselves idols. Many have said they don’t believe there is any God at all. But there are testimonies! What do you do with the testimony of one that has been changed by this God I now write about?
The Bible said that Jesus Christ did so much in His life and ministry that if it were written down the whole world could not contain the books that would be written. But, a lot of it was written so we could have a testimony of God that these things were true, (John 20:30-31, John 21:25)
In every case where Jesus touched a life, that life was changed. There is no record of anybody in the whole Bible ever saying they were sorry God did something in their life. Jesus humbled Himself and became a man like we are; only He was without sin. He looked upon mankind and took upon Himself the terribleness of men’s plight. (Psalm 113:6, Hebrews 2:14-18)
What does God do with a life in need? Outside of Jerusalem in old times there was a garbage dump. Some of you will remember when cities had garbage dumps. You will also remember seeing people at the garbage dump trying to find something to eat or wear, just looking for something they can use in life to stay alive. It was this way outside Jerusalem, only worse. If you can just picture this in your mind, maybe it will get in your heart that the people at the dump could never come inside the gates of the city. They were always outcast, always poor, and always sick.
Inside the city are the wealthy. The businessmen, the temple, the palace of the king, the High Priest of the temple and the wealthy all went to the dump at the same time and began to tell people you can come inside the city! We will clean you up, give you new clothes, a house, and take you to the best Dr. in town (Jesus) and then when you are well, we will set you in the finest place of authority in the kingdom just under the king. You will be one of His princes, a ruler in the kingdom! And they did the same thing to everyone at the dump!
That is what God does to a life that will hear the good news and come in! (Psalm 113:7-8) I know it sounds like a fairy tale. But it’s not. These things might not happen in the natural way of things, but they will happen spiritually. And if we continue on to know the Lord and walk with Him in love and obedience they will happen naturally also.
A lot of people are still trying to live out of the garbage dump, the dunghill! It would be a shame and such a waste to continue in the world’s garbage when you can sit at the table with the king.
In this world nothing will ever satisfy. All we can get is leftovers. Someone else’s throw away. The best of all things is inside the gates. Can’t you hear them calling? The preachers, your neighbor, your grandmother, all of the voices throughout your life ringing in your ears, throbbing in your heart. With every breath and every step you hear it! Stop feeding on garbage, when you can feast with royalty!
Come on in where you belong!
Jesus the King is just waiting for you to come and accept His invitation.
He will change your life forever!