From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021

Never to Late

One of my favorite stories is the one of Zacharias and Elizabeth. This story is always connected to the story of the birth of Jesus and rightly so.
Zacharias was an old man and he and Elizabeth had never had children. (Luke 1:5-7) It must have been a real heartache for them all those years. It is for anyone who knows and understands the will of God concerning childbearing. The writer of Proverbs said the barren womb is never satisfied. (Proverbs 30:16) Elizabeth was crying for children all those years until she came to the place in life when it appeared she would never bear a child. She was in all points noted as a barren woman and in her time, this was a sign that she had a curse, the curse of God on her. (Luke 1: 24-25 & 36)
Now, during all these years Zacharias ministered in the priest's office at Jerusalem. His duty was to burn incense on the altar of incense, which represented the prayers of all the people of Israel. (v. 9-10) He also prayed the appointed prayers at that time which included the prayers for Messiah (v. 13) to come as His forerunner.
We learn so much Zacharias and Elisabeth. Though they had not received the answer to their prayers, they remained faithful to God. They continued to live a life of righteousness, according to the law of Moses and they carried out their duties faithfully, even though they were looked upon as cursed. These were the very qualities that enabled God to choose them to be the parents of the greatest prophet ever born to women. ( except Jesus Himself of course)
Living faithful and prayerful will always get God's attention. It may be that some of you are facing this Christmas time disappointed because your dreams have been crushed. Perhaps your prayers have not yet been answered and people around you seem to hold their blessings in your face almost like a curse. It may be that your faith has been tested almost to the breaking point and hope seems at time to be just an illusion.
Let me remind you that Sarah waited until ninety years old to birth Isaac. Simeon and Anna waited until they were of a great age before seeing the Savior, Jesus. John waited until nearly ninety years of age for the great visitation of Christ and the Revelation He gave to him. God Himself waited over four thousand years to get His Redeemer birthed.
Friend, it is never too late with God! All things are possible with Him and all things are possible to all who believe! I want to encourage you today to take heart and do not give up your dream. Do not let go of hope! Never lay down your faith and always stay faithful and true to Jesus Christ. He will never fail you! Though you wait long for Him, He will come! Even when you think all is in the grave and corruption has ceased upon you, Jesus will come for you. He will call out the name of your hopes and dreams just as He did with Lazarus and you just watch and see resurrection power bring your prayers to life, your dreams and visions will walk right out of the grave with a memorial testimony to be sung to the world! Hallelujah!
At this time of year, the story of Zacharias and Elizabeth will be told right alongside the story of Jesus' birth. Their story has been a memorial for all generations because it carries the forerunner to Jesus' ministry on earth.
I believe this year's stories will include yours, a miracle story to place right alongside many others. When your testimony is given, it will become the road others will take to come and see the Christ, the Savior.
It is never too late with God!