From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021


by: Ralph Hale

Following the road of truth is to follow the road of freedom. Reading this week from John  8: 26-36 we find these words;  "ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

Jesus Himself tells us here that He was taught  by the Father what to do and say. If He had to be taught, so also must we be taught. The scripture refers to us as disciples. A disciple is one who follows and learns the ways, words and works of the one being followed. A true disciple then is one who is following Jesus and being taught by the Holy Ghost through the word.

And ye shall know the truth. It's amazing how people can think they know the truth about this or that but in truth they don't. Often times simply what someone accepts or a number of people agree upon as the truth is called truth. You may have facts but not have the truth. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life no one comes to the Father but by me. To say there are many religions that do good things would be a true fact, but to say those religions offer eternal salvation is a lie, not truth.

No lie is of the truth. For this reason we are admonished to speak the truth in love to one another. It is God's will and purpose through Jesus Christ to make us free from all bondage and see us grow up into Christ like believers.

Any and all bondage is based upon a lie. It may be a fact but not be truth. Bondage says you can't ever be free. If there is a desire for freedom the lie will offer a solution that is an illusion. the illution never leads to true freedom. It is always leading down a road offering false hope that never comes to pass and often times brings about a bondage substitute or makes the bondage stronger. Any solution sought for apart from Jesus Christ will never produce real freedom. It may bring some temporary relief but true freedom is only found in Jesus. It is the truth that makes you free and the truth is in Jesus. [Eph. 4 : 21]

It is important here that we understand that the word of God is truth. The word and Jesus are the same. The Psalmist said thy word is truth, thy word is forever settled in heaven. Jesus said not one jot or tittle would be left undone. This is why we must study the Bible so we will know the truth. If you continue in my word, ye shall know the truth. This is what Paul wrote about in II Thessalonians 2 when he said strong delusion would come on people who would not receive the love of the truth. If we do not receive the truth we will receive a lie and a lie leads to some kind of bondage.

The light of God's word will shine on every lie and show it for what it really is. Lies will hide from the truth, often times disguising as something else. But when truth comes their cover is removed and they are exposed.  [see  Heb. 4 : 12-13 ]

When we become truth seekers we will find the true source and root of every problem and will see the solution is found in Jesus. Our eyes get fixed on Him, our mind is focused on the word and our mouths begin to speak as we have been taught by God the Father just the way Jesus did.

When we see ourselves in the light of God's word, we will see the truth. Then God's Holy Spirit will bring us to His word of promise that will bring freedom to our lives if we will act on that truth. If we ignore it lies and bondage will quickly come to take the place where truth should be and build up strongholds that will keep us from progressing spiritually. We find ourselves in a deep ditch!

All of God's promises are ours. If we will speak God's word just the way Jesus did we will change, bondage will loose it's hold, lies will be replaced with truth and true freedom will come! Believe the truth, speak the truth and truth will manifest freedom.

The truth shall make you free. If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed!

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