From Fathers Heart To Yours
Sunday, June 20, 2021




As I write this, it is snowing very hard. Forecasters say this will be another 8-10 inches. having just gotten over 12 inches or more of snow that stayed with us for weeks, I am sure that a lot of people are saying, "enough already, time for spring!"

As I think about life today with all of its ups and downs, I must turn my attention to times when things needed to change from a down to an up. Today, we are hearing everyday  of the terrorist who are murdering people so viciously and training others to go into the world and do the same.  They are already spreading rapidly, even to this nation.  We have had this issue to deal with for so many years now and I am sure many are saying the same that I am, enough!

However, the terrorist problem, along with very other problem will not go away just because we shout at it, it takes action. Not just any action will do. We have had action before concerning terrorism, but it didn't solve the problem. The action to solve any problem must be thought out and then sought out to make sure t is the appropriate action that will produce right results. One can never negotiate with some enemies, they must be defeated in such a way as to never rise again.

Then, here we are with our little problems and issues that seem so minuet when compared to other things happening in the world. Yet, they are just as real and just as terrifying to us as the head hunters in the middle east.  

We wake up every day with burdens and situations that refuse to yield and will not go away no matter how much we shout at them. In many cases we have sought or help, but help didn't come. Or , we found it to be just temporary relief, then the age old enemy returned with vengeance.

I am reminded of a woman in the scriptures in such a case. She had an issue of blood, which, according to the Jewish law, required her to be separated from society. She had sought help, she knew she had a problem that she could not fix herself.  She knew this problem was robbing her of everything good in life. She had spent all of her money trying to get it fixed and instead grew worse. She wasn't concerned about the Roman Empire ruling the world. she also had no concern about outrageous taxes. She only knew she needed help, enough was enough! ( Mark 5: 25-34)

When she heard about Jesus, everything changed!  A lot of people have heard about Jesus. However, the difference here and in other experiences recorded in scripture, is that she and others took action. Did this woman try Jesus as a last resort? Maybe, however, I think it was the hearing about what Jesus had done for others that drew her to Him. She had to make a great effort to get through the crowd to touch his garment.

Now this case was one that had gone on for twelve years. Maybe she didn't  hear before now. Maybe she did and decided to keep trying other sources to solve her problem. Whichever the case, she did come and she did receive the answer that not only gave relief, but lasted forever!

Now this brings us down to home, where you and I are. We all have situations in life that need a permanent solution.  The course of action that we take will decide the outcome, whether we get temporary relief or a victory that will disarm our enemies so they can never rise again.

The Bible is God's  record of people just like you or me, that needed what only God could do in their lives. They were not perfect people, just people who were overwhelmed with life's problems and could not find a solution until they came to Jesus .

When we hear of Jesus, it is God calling out to us and saying, I have your answer! It is my Son Jesus! If you will hear, if you will believe, if you will take action and come, you will receive!

For whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved! When enough is enough, CALL!