From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021

Don't Be Troubled  - Don't Be Afraid

The whole world that we live in is dangerous to say the least. The county we live in has had so many deadly automobile accidents, murders, suicides, drug overdoses etc.  This is a rural county, just think of how life must be like in a large city.
My family has been to large cities to visit and minister. There is danger on every street and possible peril around every corner. There are so many drug dealers and users they cannot even be counted. The homeless are everywhere. Government sponsored homes and shelters number into the dozens, as well as many ministries and civic organizations that provide shelter and food. Many of these people were at one time working, family, home owning people, then suddenly their whole world changed. How do I know?  I have spent time talking to these people and those that care for them on a regular basis.
Why am I saying all this? Because, life at its best, is still very short and subject to change without notice.  What matters is how we care for and live the life we have.
Threats to life have always been and will always be. These days they are more severe than in times past. No matter how the threats come or how severe, there is assurance offered us that all is well in Jesus Christ.
I am not just talking about our salvation at the end of this life although that is the most important thing. I am talking about being able to face threats and still have calm in the midst of the storm.
It is a gift! Jesus said not to let our hearts be troubled neither let it be afraid. (John 14:1&27) he said this first to Peter when He prophesied of Peter's denial. Then He spoke of His peace again when talking about His departure.
Peace I leave with you, he said, My peace I give unto you. His peace is far different that the false assurance the world offers. The world's way says do it your own way, lay up for yourself. Even if you lay up a million dollars for your retirement, it can all be gone with one sickness or bad weather day.
My friend, what Jesus offers is a peace that passes all human understanding. It is present even in the worst cases of threat and pressure that come to humankind.
Often times other people will help or offer consolation which is well received, but it can never measure up to the peace found in Jesus Christ.
Jesus spoke of times when there would be so much trouble in this world that men's hearts would fail them for trying to look after (fix or take care of) them. (Luke 21:25-28)
However, not the people who are looking to the Word of God for answers and leadership. Our Lord promised that our house would stand, even in the worst of times. (Matt. 7:24-27)
Now here is the key. Do not allow your heart to be troubled or afraid. Guard your heart. The evening news has nothing we can trust to bring peace, safety and stability to our lives: only the Word of God has that.
Paul wrote to us that there is a place of prayer and faith that will allow the peace of God to rule in our hearts and minds. ( Phil 4:6-7)
That is what people are really looking for. Wouldn't you agree that this is a better promise than you can find anywhere else in the world or in any other religion? It is time to look at and face reality and truth. Jesus is the answer! Only Jesus Christ is the answer! Ask Him today!