From Fathers Heart To Yours
Sunday, June 20, 2021
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It's to Late!

Why are you still Lost?
(It’s too late)
Standing in a critical care unit with a man I had spoken to of Jesus’ great salvation, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Preacher, I’ve seen that you must get this salvation as a child and there is no hope for me, it’s too late.” While I pleaded with him through tears, he turned his face away and would not respond to me. Being forced to leave the unit, I sobbed my way out with such grief at this man’s decision. Three days later he died.
Upon entering a hospital room where a man lay in a coma I prayed for something to say that possibly he could hear. After trying to speak to him with no response I left to visit his wife who was also in the hospital in the next room. Upon telling her of my visit with her husband, she looked at me with a very stern look and said, “But you just don’t know how evil this man has lived. He is a very wicked man. It’s too late for him.” “But God loves him and wants to see him saved,” I said. After praying with her and leaving I started to ask God for some way to reach this man, just wake him up long enough to hear and be able to accept Jesus, for they had said he would never wake up.
The next day upon entering his room, I saw this man looking toward the door, eyes open and focused on me. I went to his side, took his hand and began to speak God’s saving grace, His great love for him and his salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. The man made no outward response that I could see, but when I finished, he closed his eyes and in three hours he was dead.
Was it too late? Some would say yes, but I say no! It’s never too late for anyone who will believe and call on Jesus.
The opportunities don’t come to us all the same time or the same way, but God’s love for us all is the same and He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9
In the Bible there was a woman named Mary Magdalene. She was full of devils and obviously lived a very bad life. God might have written her off as a loss if he had not loved her so, but the scripture tells us of the time when Jesus went to the place called Magdela just to get her. Matthew 15:39 She later became one of His most dedicated followers and the first person to tell of His resurrection.
Was it too late for Peter when he denied Jesus? While sitting in a home with a young couple, the man having received Jesus a few days earlier, I was talking with the wife, just to hear her say, “It’s too late for me.” “But, your young and what could you have done to make you think it’s too late?” She replied, “When I was a teenager I knew Jesus but when running with other young girls, they were mocking Him and I joined in with them and denied Jesus, even that I had not ever known Him nor would ever be his.” When I explained Peter’s story and how Jesus sent for him and Peter came to be a great man of God, this young woman understood that Jesus had sent for her. Oh, the joy of salvation she experienced in God’s forgiveness and grace. It wasn’t too late!
Was it too late for the demonic man who seemed to be hopelessly lost to live and die among the tombs?
I met a man years ago that told of his salvation at age 14. When he had gone to the altar in church, he looked over to see the most noted sinner in all the area kneeling beside him. He questioned God about it and God replied that it takes the same blood of Jesus to cleanse you that it does for him.
My dear reader, it makes no difference how wicked or how good any of us have been or are now, the same Jesus bled and died and rose again for us all!
It’s never too late for the heart that will hear and receive.
You don’t have to be in critical condition physically to need Jesus. You don’t have to be in a coma and have God wake you up, you need Jesus where you are right now.
He’s saying to you, ‘wake up and make the right decision from your heart.’
It is the heart cry that God will hear and His response will be, ‘Welcome to my family. I’m glad you came and didn’t wait until it was too late. But, as long as there is breath in you, there is hope. I pray you come now while it’s not too late.
Why are you still lost? It’s not too late! Today is the day of salvation. Hinder not your heart. Hear His voice.
‘For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!” Romans 10:13