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Sunday, June 20, 2021
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I Don't Need a Savior

Why Are You Still Lost?
(I Don’t Need a Savior)

When talking with some young people one day, I asked, “Are you saved?” The reply was, “Saved from what?”The answer with the question caught me by surprise for I thought that everyone knew they needed to be saved; I was wrong!
In today’s world of evolution thinking and belief, people have come to accept that there is no God and there are no absolutes. From the youngest age children are taught they evolved from some blob that somehow crawled out of the ocean and somehow became a person. Of course this happened after many changes that somehow began after some mysterious explosion that placed all this order in the universe and it will eventually perfect itself and??? Yeah right!
Now all his has provided people with little to no conscience of right and wrong and remorse for wrong doing is hard to find, because who is to determine what anyone does is wrong?
Yet with all this there is in every person the fear of the unknown- The wonder of what’s really out there after I’m finished living here. What happens after death? Where do I go? What happens to me then?
For many there is little to no possibility of there being a supreme God to answer to or look to about this question. Many have concluded that they are just dead, nothing else. Others have decided they will be recycled and come back to life as an animal or insect or a tree and just keep repeating this process until they get it right.
But in every person there is this deep place where there is a longing, even a certain knowing that you live forever. Somehow, somewhere, you will live. Yet to get a grasp on this life after death seems to be a passing illusion for so many. So, the thoughts of dying are just suppressed, pushed back, ignored as much as possible. Eat, drink, and be merry for someday I will die. There is though this certain fear of death that keeps cropping up to haunt you and you know to face it will be very hard indeed.
God, the creator, you know the one they told you didn’t exist made man as the object of His live. God wanted you and everyone else to be in His family of love. But when sin entered in mankind could not be in God’s kingdom of love and life. You say I know nothing about this, I don’t know about your God. How could I be guilty of sin? The Bible tells us that when the first man sinned, death came upon all people. It was passed down to you from your ancestors just like it is to all of us, (Romans 5) The word of God tells us that there is no one  that has not sinned. (Romans 3, 1 John 1 &2)
And it tells us that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. (Romans 6:23) You see we are all in need of a savior, and that savior is Jesus Christ
God so loved you that He sent Jesus to redeem you from sin so you could live in His kingdom of love. (John 3:16) There is no other name given under heaven among men whereby we must be saved.
You see if you will read these words and allow God to speak to you, you will know this is true and you can be saved from sin and death. Without Jesus all are doomed for hell, eternal damnation and separation from God forever.
You’re afraid of dying because you don’t or didn’t know what is on the other side of the grave. But faith in Jesus to save you will remove the fear of death and place a certain knowing that you will live in heaven with Him when you are finished living here. (1 John
You see we all need a savior. The only one there is, is Jesus. He is standing at your heart’s door knocking, won’t you let Him in? (Revelation 3:20)
Jesus said, whosoever shall call upon Him shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)
Now the question: Are you saved? Saved from sin and death? What is your reply? What will it be when death knocks at your door? Please make your answer YES! Need a savior? Jesus is His name!
Why are you still lost? Oh, excuse me- your not now if you have called on Jesus to save you!