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Thursday, May 06, 2021
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Citizens of Another Country

Citizens of Another Country
Scripture Reading Hebrews 11: 13-16
These all died in Faith! Who are these? They are the Old Testament saints who had faith. Reading before and after this text we read some very famous names. We find Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, David, and many more heroes of faith that we study and admire.   These all had faith! However, there was a difference between their faith and our faith. You may say “no, it’s the same. “ Let me clarify here, faith is the same, but the faith they had did not gain the fulfillment of the promises and ours does.  
Their faith saw the promises being fulfilled in the future. They saw them afar off.   Jesus said Abraham rejoiced to see my day and was glad. Abraham saw the coming of Jesus in the future, we see it already happened. They saw by faith the coming of the promise of God. We see by faith that the promises have already come in Jesus Christ.
If we read on in Hebrews 11, we find in verse 39 and 40 that they could not receive the fulfillment of the promises without us. They and we came together at Calvary’s Cross where our Lord Jesus was the fulfillment of their promises and ours by mutual faith. Hallelujah!!!
Now let’s look again. They saw them afar off and were persuaded of them. Look now at this word persuadedThat means that they believed what God said about their future. Now you and I will not have much going for us now if we are not expecting God’s promises to be real in our future. To be persuaded means that we must believe in our heart that what God says is sure, unchangeable, and He can be trusted to keep His word. What does the word say that Abraham saw? He believed God and did not stagger at His promise but believed that what God had promised He was able also to perform. (Romans 4: 16-25)
Beloved, we too must have this basic principle of faith or we can’t even be saved! Now I know that raised some eyebrows and hair stood up on some necks, but look at the Word of God. (Romans 10: 8-14) There has to be a hearing of the Word of promise before faith can be. When the Word is heard then faith is present and the believing in the heart has to take place. That “acting on faith in the heart” is being persuaded. Believing God in our heart first because we have heard the Word of promise and faith was present so we could receive the promise in our heart. Everything we get from God has to begin by hearing and acting on faith in our heart first. Being persuaded that what we heard is true and we can live by it because it will never change. 
Not only were they persuaded of the promises, they also embraced them. This means they were dear to them, more so than any person, place or thing in this world. To embrace means to take into possession–as your own. Embracing the promises of God by faith is to wrap ourselves around them and for them to wrap themselves around us. We become a part of that promise and it becomes a part of us. It is so real and so dear, that we guard it with our very lives. Nothing will change it and nothing will take it away, for it is more real than life itself. 
Next, there is the confessing of them. If we are going to receive the promises of God in our lives, we are to confess them as being real. Look back at what the word says of Abraham. He called those things that were not, as though they were. There you have it. Just as our salvation is to be believed in the heart, we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus, so also the other things of God come the same way.
How can all these things be? By knowing that we are citizens of another country! Our citizenship is in Heaven, where God’s way is the only way, where God’s Law is the only Law and where His Kingdom rule is the order of things. We that say such things “declare plainly” that we belong to another Kingdom. The Kingdom of our Heavenly Father, where Jesus Christ is Lord of all! Praise the Living God.
Now the text says that if we are living and exercising this kind of faith, then God testifies that He is not ashamed to be our God. I wonder how many reading this, live in such a way that says you are not ashamed to say that Jesus is your Lord. How many are glad that God is your God? I tell you, there ought to be great conviction coming upon us because we have displayed to others that we are ashamed of who we are and who our God is, when He says to us how glad He is to be our God and Father. So much so, that He has given out of His heart of Love for us the very best of Himself. How can we do any less?