From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021

Work of Redemption

In Colossians 1 we find one of the very few written prayers recorded in the early church. This is the apostle Paul writing to the church and he is praying for them. We find again in Ephesians 1 and 3 where he is praying for the people in the church. How many of us know today that we need one another’s prayers! The more we recognize we need each other, the more we will begin to draw from one another and the more we draw the more strength we will gain.
The house is built by what each part supplies. I have heard people say when trouble comes up that, “I can’t do much, all I can do is pray.” Don’t ever talk like that because prayer is the key element to all else that is done. Nothing will be accomplished properly or lasting without a foundation of prayer: steady, strong, faith based prayer. Prayer warriors are so important!
In Colossians 1: 12 Paul says, “I give thanks unto the Father which has made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light, who hath delivered us from the power of darkness and hath translated us in to the kingdom of His dear son. In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.” Jesus is the “dear son” of God!
If we look on in verse 15 we read, “ Who is the image of the invisible God, the first born of every creature, for by Him were all things created that are in heaven and earth: visible and invisible, whether they be thrones or dominions, principalities or powers: all things are created by Him and for Him.” You are created for Him!
Redeemed means to buy something back that used to belong to you but for a period of time it’s been out of your possession. Pawn shops used to use that word. They would ask, “Do you want a loan where you can redeem it, or do you just want to sell it?”
How many of us know that redemption has a price. Read Peter 1:18-21 and let the word of the Lord get down in you.
The Bible says, “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.” How do we know we know redeemed? Well, before we can know we are redeemed we have to know who has redeemed us and from what are we redeemed from. We have to know we have a redeemer! Jesus paid the price and it was enough to buy us back from the one who possessed us-the devil.
Let me tell you a hard truth, not everyone on the face of the earth is a child of God. We are His offspring but we are not His children until we get born again. Jesus is the first born among many brethren and in order to be the first born He had to die and be raised from the dead. Before we can be born again we have to die and be raised from the dead. How do we do that? We realize that we are lost in our sins, that we cannot redeem ourselves. We realize that we were dead in our sins but Jesus raises us from the dead when we accept Him in to our heart. We see and accept the Jesus has paid the price of our redemption. When we are born again we become part of His family!
To be redeemed means to pay the necessary price to buy back something that used to belong to you but has gotten into the possession of another.
We know the story of Adam, how he gave everything to the devil. Well, because of what Adam did the devil became the god of this world. He possessed everything and everybody. We read in Col 1 that Jesus delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of His dear son.
The first thing that we have to know is that the redeemer bought us back from the hand of our enemy. The devil owned us, he controlled us. A lot of people say, “Well, I wasn’t serving the devil.” The fact is if you are not born again, you are serving the devil whether you have awareness about it or not. Everything in this world is under the control of the devil until it comes under the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. When someone or something is given to Jesus the He has the right to possess it, rule it, control it and be its God!
We had to be redeemed from the hand of our enemy. I tell you the devil is a cruel task master. He has no mercy on anybody. We look at the Bible and see how Judas Iscariot followed Jesus. He preached the gospel. Let me tell you that this man did everything that James, John and Peter did. He healed the sick- raised the dead but yet there was something about him that was different. The difference was that the devil had a strangle hold on him and wouldn’t let go until he had used him up for his purpose. Then when he was through with him he causes Judas to kill himself.
That’s what the devil will do with people that are not redeemed by the blood of Jesus, that do not come under the redemptive work of Christ. By that I mean being born again. The devil will just use and use people until they are used up and then he throws them away. Thank God for Jesus!
Our redeemer, however, is never done with us. Our redeemer, Jesus translated us into the kingdom of God- He brought us into a wealthy place- a place of life, liberty, happiness and every good thing that God is. He brought us in immediately. We didn’t have to earn our way in. We couldn’t have paid the price or worked hard enough to earn what Jesus did. We simply have to accept what Jesus did and that brings us in.
All the glory and praises belong to Him for all He has done for us. We have to know that once we have been redeemed- accepted Jesus then the devil has no more right to operate in our lives. He had the right before but know that we are redeemed he has no more legal right to operate in our lives. The Bible tells us in Isaiah that it is the anointing that removes the burden and destroys the yoke! Jesus said, “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for my yoke is easy and my burden light and ye shall find rest your soul.” (Matthew 11:28)
The devil never quits trying. Somebody asked me one day, “I’ve been fighting the devil day and night and there seems to be no end, when will it stop? When does it ever go away?” Good news, it never stops- it never goes away. As long as we are in this present world it will never go away. We have an enemy to fight and we face things that we have to fight.
 You see, a lot of people ask Jesus in to their heart and they think all of their troubles are over. But that is not true. When we know the truth we find freedom. When we learn how to live this life, we will have freedom. That is what the word of God is all about: to teach us how to live this life and remain free. The real freedom that God gives to us is not immunity from everything bad, from everything the devil is trying to do. We are not given immunity from the attacks of the devil but it gives us armor that we can put on and win before he throws those fiery darts at us. The armor God gives us helps us to recognize when the devil comes knocking, and we see who he is and what he is up to. We are not ignorant of the devil’s devices! We who are born again have the authority to send him packing. Before we were born again we didn’t have that authority. He had legal passion of us- a legal right to operate in our lives.
Now we have the name of Jesus- the blood of Jesus- the armor of God- the Word of God and the weapons of our warfare so that we can stand, Praise God. We need to get aggressive and tell the devil to get out. Tell him that we don’t want him in our lives anymore.
The reason a lot of people don’t go any further than the initial born again experience is because they haven’t learned the full work of redemption. Redemption is not just getting saved and having a home in heaven someday. Your home in heaven is the end of your faith, not the beginning. We still have to travel from born again to the grave- from born again till Jesus comes back. We have to travel that and we have to know that the redemptive work of Christ is not just an eternal thing. It is about the unsearchable riches of Christ, because everything in heaven is about Jesus Christ. He should be the center of everything- our focus in everything. The reason some people don’t make it from entering the kingdom to the finish line is because they don’t understand the journey in between.
Many people receive Jesus and then fall away because they didn’t understand what is going on. This life we live is not a tip-toe through the tulips kind of life! Sometimes your life may actually get worse after you accept Jesus for a period of time until you learn to apply the redemptive work of Christ. The Bible tells us that the thief commeth not but for to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that ye might have life and have it more abundantly! (John 10:10) In this single statement Jesus told us life is available- abundant life. But we have to lay a part in whether we live in that life or not.
We are redeemed from the practices of our ancestors. You see a lot of things we receive in our life are not things that just came to be in our life time. What we have received is generations of build up. Have you ever heard of a generational curse? Many professing Christians are still living under the power of generational curses- something that came from their ancestors, passed down to them.
The Work of Redemption that Jesus bought for us covers being redeemed from those curses but many don’t know they can be free or how to be free. For instance, in some families you can see where a particular sickness has just passed along form generation to generation. Sad to say it gets worse with each generation! Drug addiction, poverty and perversion work the same way. 
All of these things began in the garden with Adam and has passed on throughout the generations and gotten worse. But we have to know that what Jesus did when He redeemed us covers curses from the past. He redeemed us from all the strongholds that have been built from our forefathers- all of the practices of our fore fathers.
My mother was a good example of a “worrier.” She worried about everything. She couldn’t even sleep at night, she worried so much. If there was a negative possibility in anything she could find it. You could say, “I am so happy today.” And my mother would reply, “Well, it won’t last long.” Oh, but the grace of God is so good, “but it’ll run out someday” would be her reply. There was always a negative response. There are so many that have come down through life that way and it just got worse with each generation.
I met a woman one time that just sat and rocked back and forth. Everytime something moved she would jump. She said she was just a nervous woman. If you told her she didn’t have to be she’d jump and say, “Oh, yes I do! Don’t tell me I don’t have to be!” Some people just want to worry no matter what, but they don’t have to. Jesus has redeemed us form that way of life- Praise God!
Do you know how many professing Christians get up everyday and check out the horoscope to see how they are supposed to live that day? How many people look at the sign before they plant their garden or do anything else? These are practices that come from the kingdom of darkness that was built up in the minds and traditions of our ancestors and have been passed down and taught to others. If you are practicing these things you need to say “Lord help me I need to be delivered!”
 Many things that people practice in their lives are working death in them and are hindering them from coming into the abundant life that Jesus provided for us. We need to see that we are redeemed form these things- these practices.
People have learned by tradition to do certain things, even in the church. Many of these traditions hinder the move of the Holy Ghost. If we do not give the Holy Spirit the liberty to work in our lives, he can’t work and do for us what He wants to do.
The Psalmist said in Psalm 139: 23-24: Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. When we preach that in the church, the response we get sometimes is, “We don’t need that we are already saved.” Anything in our lives- any habit or practice that is not like Christ is a wicked way! And we need to get these things out of our life.
God points things out in our life that are not good because He loves us. And the things that are sin hinder us from walking in the full work of redemption that he has bought for us.
 Children of God, those who have been born again need to realize that we are “spirit people.” We see from the Bible before we were born again we served the nature of our flesh. We did what our flesh wanted to do, we pampered our flesh! We did so whether it was good for us or not and most of it wasn’t! The motions of sin that worked within us worked death in our lives. But now we don’t have to serve the flesh. You live in a flesh house- and earthen vessel but you are a spirit being.
When we accept Jesus Christ, we receive the spirit of adoption whereby we cry “Abba Father.” (Romans 8:15) So we should identify ourselves as being different. We are not and should not be the same as we used to be. We are to follow after the spirit instead of the flesh. We are to be more spiritually minded than flesh minded- more heavenly minded than earth minded.
We are to see that this earth is not our home. We are here in this house but this house is not our home. It is only a temporary residence until we go where we belong. We came from God and we will return to Him! John 4:24 says, God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.
People can’t get to the place they need to be if they view everything from an earth level- a human level. We live on a farm and it is amazing to watch an animal live and then die. That body will literally turn to dirt. It is a good teacher because it verifies what the Bible teaches- that we are made from dust and to dust we will return.
Where is your life? It is hid with Christ in God. So we should be seeking those things that are above- where Christ sits at the right hand of the Father. Our life is in Him!
We are just pilgrims. The things we have received, that have been handed down to us that are unprofitable we need to break off of our lives so we can begin to live as “spirit beings” instead of “flesh beings”
How are we going to be “spirit beings?” 1st we have to know that we are and we have to see what God’s word says about living a spirit life. Galatians 5:25 says “If we live in the spirit, walk in the spirit.” Do you live in the spirit? If you are born again you do. But you have to begin to walk in the spirit. How can we do that? 1st we have to look at the life of Jesus. We can learn from the life of Jesus how we are supposed to live and we can learn from those followers that knew Him and were with Him. We are supposed to be holy people- a people separate unto Him. We should be full of the Holy Spirit of God and not a bunch of other mess.
Do you know how many excuses we make for the messes in our lives? We can make an excuse for everything and anything we want. Sometimes we take the Bible and try to use it to help scotch our excuse. But when we can lay everything bare before God and allow Him to work in our lives there is no more excuse. There is nothing we can allow to hang on to when God says to let it go!
God is calling His people to a place of abundant life! When we live the way that God wants us to we are pleasing Him. We are made for the pleasure of God and we should be pleasing Him.
He wants to find pleasure in His people. But if we are not following His path for our life, even though we might be saved how much pleasure will He be able to take in us? Look at your own children. You want your children to be right and live right. You want them to accomplish good things and be all that they can be, right? Anybody that has any care at all about them wants good for their children. You deal with them after the manner you want them to be. If you want them to be different you deal with them differently so they will become different. Well, that’s what God does with us. If our children don’t please us does it mean we don’t care for them? No, we love them, they are still ours. But if they are doing wrong they are not living in the place where they can have that wonderful relationship with you because they are not doing that which pleases you. Well, that’s the way it is with God. We can’t be in relationship with Him until we quit walking in the flesh and begin walking in the spirit.
We have to begin to view things from the spiritual standpoint because the earthy does not govern- the spirit governs. It is the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus that makes us free from the law of sin and death. (Romans 8:2) We had to be redeemed from the process of death- or the work of death in us. There is a work of death that happens in people’s bodies that carries them to the grave. But that work of death can affect every other area of our lives if we allow it to.
We are redeemed from the work of death. There no longer has to be something in you working death. The Bible says the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is Eternal life. (Romans 6:23) if we are born again we should not live a lifestyle of sin thus the work of death should not be taking place in our lives.
Jesus was manifested to destroy the works of the devil. Do you know how many believers live under the power of oppression under witchcraft and depression? They don’t know how to get rid of it in their lives. A friend of ours from Ghana, Africa tells me that people in the United States do not have a real clear, working knowledge of the spirit world. There are demonic spirits all over the place. They are busy all the time using somebody or something to try and get to us. When it does get to us, it is a work of death. It may be something we see or hear or even something we touch.
We are very particular about what we allow into our home because the effects of some things are deadly. It is even important to watch the kinds of clothes we wear that have images or wording on it that is of the devil. We should not have it because it is a work of death. Even things we watch on T.V or music we listen to can create a work of death if they are not godly and profitable for us.
If we allow those things to remain in our live that are not good for us we will see bondage in our lives. Some who have been healed have had sickness return. Those who have been delivered from oppression and depression see it return. Why is that? Because the devil will traffic anywhere he is allowed to. The devil roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. (I Peter 5:8). By allowing those things around us or in our homes and lives we are allowing a work of death to take place and it needs to stop! This is not popular preaching!
The work of redemption covers different levels and places in our life that we have to pay attention to. When we come in the kingdom of God we are redeemed from the hand of the enemy. We belong to God and we must have the continual work of redemption working in us- redeeming us from all that is not of God.
We have to begin to see what is contrary to the will of God in our lives. We begin in the name of Jesus to recognize by the Spirit the things that we have allowed in our lives that are not supposed to be there and then we have to take steps to get rid of them and in the name of Jesus break the power of whatever it is from our lives.
We were in a home not to long ago of a Christian family and we were talking about this very thing. One of the children brought out a book that was supposed to be of a Christian nature and in the book we found witches and Greek gods. The family didn’t even know it was there. We have to be careful what we allow into our homes!
There are so many things that professing Christians allow into their homes and participate in that will produce a work of death in their lives. Halloween is not a game! It is demonic in nature and yet so many blindly participate in it thinking it to be harmless. We have been redeemed from deadly works but we have to take authority over them and get it out of our lives.
When we speak the name of Jesus over any work it has to be subdued. When we begin to call His name over our lives- our children -our homes –jobs –  and everything that is connected to our lives: the things that are not of God will crumble and fall. God will begin to reveal things to us that are of darkness so we can get rid of them.
The work of death that comes from allowing things in our life that are not godly is the cause of many who died prematurely. We should live as the Bible teaches: a good long life full of length of days and when our assignment is complete on this earth just go to sleep!
God’s people need a different mentality. We need to see things the way God does. We have been redeemed and we have to look at things in light of our redemption. Our minds have to be changed and our mouth to line up with the word of God. Someone asked me recently, “Is it wrong to pray scripture?” You had better be praying scripture! Pray what God says, speak what God says, live what God says!
One of our biggest enemies is our mouth! We want to run off at the mouth. We talk death- sickness- poverty- doubt – unbelief and on and on. Have you ever said something and immediately said, “I didn’t mean to say that”? Think before you speak, say what you mean. Get your mouth under control and began to say what God says!
The word of God says in Philippians 4: 19, My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. God is calling His people to walk by faith, not by sight. 2 (Cor. 5:7) We have been redeemed from doubt and unbelief
 I believe what Psalm 91 says: No evil shall befall me and no plagues come nigh my dwelling. I set my love on Him; therefore He covers me with the shadow of His wings and gives me the good things of the kingdom. We have got to be a faith people. Faith in what God says! We must believe that when we pray we receive what we ask for; when we speak to a mountain it moves! We have to know the promises of God are yes and amen in Jesus. Let us press on in the kingdom of our God, walking in the fullness of our redemption that He has wrought for us!