From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021

The High Calling

The High Calling
We are reading this week from Philippians 3: 4-16. This is one of the Apostle Paul‘s most famous writings and has been taught, preached, and expounded upon more than any other scripture.   Yet we have still not exhausted the revelation and wisdom that is to be found here.
Paul begins here by telling us that there are and have been many that could boast and glory in there accomplishments and credentials.   Paul being one who could boast as much as any one else. However Paul had an encounter with Jesus Christ that changed him forever. If you do not know Jesus as your Savior and Lord then I encourage you to stop now and ask Him into your heart so you can forever be changed and have heaven for your home.
Now Paul, as many today, had put much stock in trusting his accomplishments and credentials, but when meeting Jesus Christ he threw all of his stock away and counted it as loss, nothing more than manure.
Why would he or any other person throw away all their life’s accomplishments and credentials? Paul said those things that were gain to me I counted loss for Christ. (v. 27) ... for the Excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord... and be found in Him... that I may know him. (v. 8-10)
It’s all about Jesus!! You may say to me right now that you already know Jesus. So do I and so did Paul when he wrote these words. What was his desire then? It was this: to answer the high calling of God in Christ Jesus! God has issued a high call to us. Do we hear the call? 
To answer the call means that we move from where we are, into the future, a changed person. One that is burning with a passion to be found in Christ and He in us, that the life of God is being lived out full and complete through us. A fullness of Christ that makes people around us aware of God’s presence the very instant we enter a place.  
Paul said that God had apprehended him for something and he had not apprehended that thing God wanted him to. This man had done so much for Christ, no doubt he was anointed, churches were started, and souls were won all over the gentile world. Yet he says that there is a place God had for him that he had not laid hold of. Oh, how far behind we are today!
Paul expresses to us that this one thing must be done. There must be a forgetting of the things that are behind and a reaching forth unto those things that are before. Beloved, that says strongly that we can’t live in the past! We must have a vision and purpose for the future and our future must have better hope than our past had.
There are things in our past that we will remember and take into our future. But the things we take into our future must only be things that will bear witness of God’s grace and His working in our lives. 
The testimony of Christ we have from our past will most assuredly help us and others in our future. We cannot carry worthless baggage that holds us and others down. And we cannot constantly think and live in the past. If our vision can only see what has happened, then there will be nothing yet to happen before us.
Let us seek then, to hear the call of God for our future. Regardless of how old or young you are God has a great future for you. It is not the will of God for you to just grow old, sit down, and do nothing. We should be advancing always in the things that pertain to the kingdom of God.
Young people please don’t spend waste your time on the foolish things this world offers! There is far too much for you in the kingdom of God! Go for the things God has for you!
Leave where you are and start now with the glorious future that God has for you full of vision, hope, and purpose in Christ Jesus