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Thursday, May 06, 2021
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Prayer Directive

Holy Ghost Directive
Candidates, Elections, and Lawmaking
Saints are to:
1.    Call for the revealing of hidden things of darkness before election.
2.    Call for voters with Godly morals, ethics, and principles to vote for Candidates with Godly morals, ethics, and principles. There are many people who are non Christians that hold to and desire people in public office to have and hold to Godly morals, ethics, and principles.
3.    Forbid laws to be passed or otherwise imposed upon us that hinder or limit free course of the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and life. Includes preaching, worship services, outreach, ministry, giving and receiving, home schooling, home births, and vaccinations, etc.
1. I Tim. 2:1-6
2. Ec. 10:20 – curse not the king- a bird shall carry it.
3. Prov. 11:11 – by our blessing the city- nation is exalted
4. Prov. 8:14-17, 20