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Thursday, May 06, 2021
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Original Sin

Original Sin
SIN! This is not a common word used among Christians these days. We might hear instead words like mistake or missing the mark or falling short. But to say sin means that there is responsibility and accountability by the one who committed it. To make a mistake says that one was trying and just kind of missed it somehow but it will eventually work out alright, and God understands that we’re not perfect.
The truth is that sin has to be dealt with. God saw this before he ever made one man or anything else. God knew that if He made man there would be the possibility of that man committing sin and if he did, that sin would have to be dealt with. A warning was issued: if you sin you die! The wages of sin is
death. (Romans 6:23 and Genesis 2: 16-17)
Because of the man’s rebellion against God, sin entered the world, but not just sin, a sin nature was taken instead of God nature that man was created with. So the original man was Adam treaded his God nature for Satan’s nature. Now not only was this nature taken by Adam but it was given to all his descendents first showing up in Cain who killed his brother and the Bible testifies that Cain was of that wicked one, the devil. (I John 3:12)
God immediately spoke a promise to get this thing back. The same way He spoke all creation into being, He began to speak the Redeemer Jesus into being. The word (Jesus) was made flesh and dwelt among us. (John 1:14).
Now when we speak of Jesus among believers the usual thing heard is that Jesus did on the cross for our sins. While this is true what Jesus did goes much deeper than that. Not only did Jesus have our sins to deal with, but he also had original sin to deal to take care of and that’s the thing that made us to be guilty of sinning in the first place.
We all inherited that sin nature from Adam, not by choice, but by inheritance. You see we aren’t or weren’t sinners because we sin, we sin because we are sinners. That’s why Jesus said, “You must be born again to enter the kingdom of God. (John 3:3)
We sin because we can’t keep from sinning until we are born again and filled with His spirit.       
When John was baptizing and saw Jesus passing by he said,” Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.” ( John 1:29)
Note that John did not say that Jesus taketh away the sins of the world, but the sin of the world. The original sin had to be taken care of and the only way was for another Adam to die in reverse and bring things back to the original order of things. Hallelujah!
When the first Adam sinned he died spiritually first, then physically. When the second Adam (Jesus) died, he died first physically and then spiritually. See the reversal. Then when God raised him from the dead, he raised him first spiritually, then physically so setting things in order. This took care of Adam’s original sin. (I. Corinthians 15: 44-49)
Then Jesus ascending to the Father with his own blood took care of all sins that had ever or would ever be committed because of the original sin. Praise God! It is the blood of redemption and the blood of cleansing form all sin and unrighteousness. ( I John 1:9, Ephesians 1:17, Colossians 1:14)
When we receive Jesus Christ as our savior, we are being born again spiritually and our bodies will be born again physically at the resurrection just like Jesus was. Now when we are born again spiritually the sin nature that controlled our lives is crucified and no longer holds us prisoner to it’s rule. (Col. 1:13) Many believe that all that happened was that their sins were forgiven, this is true, but the deeper, more powerful thing is that the old man of sin died and the new man of life was born! This takes care of original sin that we inherited from the first Adam, and this is why we feel so much different on the inside. The control of sin is gone and often the desire to sin is gone but not always the habit of sin. Ah! Now we have something else to look at.
Some believe that when they are born again that there is nothing else to deal with concerning sin, just confess your sins and get forgiveness and that’s the way of life for us. But to think one can live without sinning is an unthinkable thing. Scripture says that we can know the difference between the children of God and the children of the devil by this one thing- the children of God don’t live in habitual sin, they stop sinning as a way of life. ( I John 3:1-10, 2:29)
How can someone stop sinning, when that’s all you’ve done all your life? By being filled with God’s Holy Spirit and yielding your life to his work. He will lead us in the path of righteousness. If we say we are righteous then the proof of it is by our doing righteous. I John 2:29)
Romans 6 tells us that by the Spirit of God we can decide to not yield ourselves to sin. We don’t have to sin. We can yield ourselves to righteousness, doing right. In Romans 8 we are told that we can put to death the sins of the flesh by the Holy Spirit that is in us.
When we are born again we are crucified with Christ that is our old sin nature, the body of sin is crucified. But every sin we do from that time is to be crucified as well. We are not to keep sinning habitually, we are to die daily to sin.
As we grow in knowledge of our Lord Jesus and yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit, we will take on the nature of Christ which is to please the Father in all things. We not only don’t yield to sin, the desire to sin leaves us to take the degree that we cannot even be tempted to is any longer. We take on the new nature which is God’s nature and our desire is only to please Him.
In the nature of Christ that we are living in we begin to see things from our Father’s view. We see how dangerous and deadly sin really is, and we want to stay clear of it for we don’t want what it will give us.
So then it’s not that we can’t sin, it’s that we choose not to because we have a new nature that sees sin for what it is and sees righteousness for what it is.
The same choice that the first Adam had is now our choice, to give what Jesus Christ has given us to sin and the devil or to obey God and live. We can choose!
I plead with you- choose Christ Jesus today and live. You or no one else has to live a slave to sin any more. You can be free in Jesus. Call upon his name, for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved! Amen!
If you need help in the choice your making, call on us, we will help you.