From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021
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Tears of Real Men

The Tears of Real Men
It has been said that real men don’t cry. When I was a boy, I was told quite often not to cry and if I did I was laughed at or made fun of. It goes without saying when people are taught they shouldn’t cry or that it is wrong to cry they learn to hold it all back and often they become very hard. Let me tell you men of God. It’s ok to cry! Crying doesn’t show weakness, but it gains strength!
In Psalms 6:6 we find David the king, a man after Gods own heart, weeping, crying before God because of all that was happening in his life. In II Samuel 12: 16-22 David was found on his face weeping when tragedy came to his family. Samuel the prophet was so wounded over King Saul’s behavior and what happened as a result that he wept much.( I Samuel 15: 35) 
David and Jonathan who had made a covenant together were also found to be weeping together over the trouble that had come by Jonathan’s father and their departing. (I Samuel 20: 41)
There are many more scriptural events and proofs that show us the man of God in tears, sometimes with others, but always before God. 
It has often been said that a good cry is cleansing. Though it may only cleanse the eyes, it is a good release for what is inside a person.
In more than 20 years with Christ I have found myself weeping many times. Sometimes I cry gently, sometimes quite violently, sometimes uncontrollable and sometimes as much a part of me as God Himself. I was called the weeping preacher for the first three years of my ministry because I could never preach, testify, witness, or pray for anyone without tears.
Tears will be a part of a tender heart that opens itself up to Gods love. The love in us is going to cause a flow of tears on many occasions for many reasons.
There will be tears of joy when God has touched us, our family, or someone we know in a special, mighty way. There is always an occasion for weeping when our heart is broken. Sometimes we cry because of personal sin or other problems and always when wounded by a friend. Our hearts should be so tender and easily broken when we displease our Heavenly father and equally so when our children displease us.
Many tears in prayer should be shed for those who don’t know Christ. Equally as many tears should be shed for the people and problems of the church. There is no end it seems to the reasons why we should be weeping before God and among ourselves. It is really ok to cry!
One of the most tear flowing times for me is when I feel so inadequate as a husband, father and minister. When it seems as though all is vain and nothing seems to be going the way that it should. When all the responsibility gets so heavy it’s as though I can’t go one more step. Then comes the stealing away to a private place where the burden can be cast where it belongs, upon Jesus. I can let the soul release all the pressure with strong tears and crying. Leaving the load behind I gain new strength and mount up with wings as an eagle!
So men of God let the tears flow! Let our voices be raised in one holy cry that men of God do cry and we are the better for it as we gain strength trusting in our Lord!
Let heaven and earth bear record that we lay ourselves before the feet of our King and we are not ashamed! For our Lord hath heard the voice of our weeping and all our enemies are turned back.