From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021
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Where Are the Men of God

Where are the men of God?
In the past 20 years of knowing and serving Jesus Christ I have noticed that there are more women than men: at church- At prayer meetings- at outreach programs- at evangelism training- in the praise team - in teaching classes and on and on it goes.
 I know there can be different reasons for this in different places. However I have seen that women in general are more sensitive to spiritual things and usually spend more time praying and studying God’s word. They have been relied upon to do most of the church work.
Men have some how sat back and let the women take the front in most spiritual things. THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO!!!!!!!!!!
As the men of God we are to accept our position as spiritual leader in the church and in the home. We are not to be dictators but leaders. We can only do this as we see our place in the family is more than a bread winner and certainly spending countless hours and money feeding on every kind of sport that keeps us boys for far to long.
Men of God, I challenge and call you to put away all the distraction and hindrances and step into your place as spiritual leader. Seek God with all your heart and he will fill you with His way. God is looking for men that He can trust to teach their children and lead their family into His fullness of life. You’ll find that your children will admire, respect, and look up to you far more as a “Man of God” than a quarterback, or great fisherman. Your wives will see the man she’s always desired to see leading and she will graciously follow, knowing that you are well able to defend and fight off all the foes in the name of Jesus. You will be a “Man of God” after His own heart that He can anoint to be king over the House of His people! Amen!
*read Genesis 18: 17-19
          Hebrews 12: 1-3