From Fathers Heart To Yours
Thursday, May 06, 2021

Facts of the Kingdom

At a very difficult time in my life, having miscarried our 10th baby, a dear friend of mine posed this question to me. She asked, “Even without the answers will you still trust Him (Jesus)?” My reply to her was” .., yes..,”
Yes, even without the answers we can and must still trust Him. But thanks be to God, he offers us answers and Hope. All of our answers and hope are found in Him. Something for us to note here too is that many “false doctrines and beliefs” came from people not having answers and they came up with something that brought them some sense of peace.
Many times I have thought about the question my friend asked and one day I thought even though we lack answers at times, (remember the answers will come as we seek for them) we do have some facts. Here are some facts that we have:
1.       Jesus is the giver of life not the taker. John 10:10 says, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. There is a false sense of “spirituality” to believe God ordains death to occur through sickness, disease, tragedy, etc. This is a lie! But some how people believe that they are being spiritual to believe that. When these things occur they are not acts of God but rather acts of our enemy, the devil.
2.        God does not chastise (punish) His children by making them sick or killing them. Would we as parents punish our children by filling them with a deadly disease or killing them? OF COURSE NOT! Are we better than God? Are we more righteous than God? A thousand times no! The fact is that God doesn’t do that either!
3.        Christians like “no fault religion.” We like to believe and have been trained to believe that all things that happen to us come from the throne of God. That sort of belief system excuses us from having any fault in the circumstances we experience. It puts everything in the category of “well, it was just the will of God” This is simply not true. Everything that happens in our life is not the will of God. Everything that happens on this earth is not the will of God. These are fighting words to some but it is a fact none the less. Let’s consider a few examples: Is it the will of God for a baby to be aborted? Of course not. According to the theology of some, that baby’s days were numbered before they begin and its days were fulfilled. Absolutely absurd! If a person goes out driving too fast and has an accident, killing himself and others was that the will of God? Of course not. He died and others died because of sin- careless acts of foolishness. It was not the will of God.
4.       While it is true that nothing happens in secret from our God, God does not ordain all things that happen and we have many examples of this in the Word of God. Psalm 78:41- God was limited by the children of Israel, not by Himself. This example alone shows that the will of God can be hindered by man. The children of Israel didn’t have to wander in the wilderness 40 years. Had they believed God they would have entered the Promised Land without having to wander through the wilderness and so many die. They “ate the fruit of their own way” God has given man free will; man can choose his way or God’s way. When man chooses his own way the result will not be the same had he chosen God’s way. The result will not be the will of God but rather the result of man’s free will. Let me add here this is why it is so important to follow the will and way of God, the benefits are far greater. All of us mess up at it and when we do we have to turn to God in repentance and receive His mercy and grace and keep moving on.
Read I Thess. 2:18. Who hindered them? Satan did. Paul didn’t say God didn’t want them to go- he plainly said satan hindered them. We have an enemy and he will hinder us every chance he gets. Now we are not ignorant of his devices, in fact if we look up this verse in 2 Corinthians 2:11 and read before it we find that Paul was admonishing the Corinthians to forgive, lest satan should get an advantage over them. So from this we see that some things we do or don’t do can allow satan to get an advantage over us. Now, if we have unforgiveness and satan gets an advantage over us because of that, what happens as a result of that is not the will of God but a result of our unforgiveness which is sin. Of course God sees what is happening, it is not being done in secret, but what is happening is not His will.
5.       Our God is a good God and He does good. Yes, even Christians experience difficult situations and trials. Many, not all! but many of which we bring on by our own actions- sometimes our disobedience to God and His Word, but we have to know that if there is bad taking place in our life then God is not the author of it.
6.       God does not make his children sick or allow disaster to “teach” His children. Many people have been taught to believe that the devil is God’s potter’s wheel. God does not use the devil to teach His children. God can and will turn and work all things together for our good if we, His children give our situations to Him. But He is not in a partnership with the devil, and when we need to learn a lesson he doesn’t consult with the devil as to the best way to get it done. 

God is good and He is so faithful. If you are or have gone through a difficult time don't loose hope. Press in to the Lord Jesus Christ. He will lift you up and show you His way. He has never and will never fail you. He is a God of restoration!