From Fathers Heart To Yours
Friday, April 23, 2021

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4-02 a—Come and Become

4-02-b— God’s Plan- God’s Way

4-02-c— Watch and Pray

4-02-d— The Cup of Blessing

4-02-e— The Days of Enlightening

5-05— Pursuing His Presence

6-12-02— Those Prepared For the Holy Ghost

6-16-02— Father’s of Flesh- Father’s of Spirit

6-16e-02— Fresh Oil

6-23-02— In Perilous Times- Be Perfect and Thoroughly Furnished

6-26-02— The Living Bones

7-2-02— People of Praise-Power-Purpose-Prayer

7-03-02— In His Favor, He will Bring Me Again

7-4-02— Our Labor is not in Vain in the Lord

7-28-02— Profiting From The Word

7-28-02b— Building With the Spoils of War

7-29-02— Mother’s Day

7-30-02— Lovers and Enemies of the Cross of Christ

8-11-02— Speaking and/ or Teaching with Authority

8-11-02e— New Jerusalem Rule

8-28-02— The End From the Beginning

8-29-02— Maintaining our Liberty

8-30-02 — The God of Daniel

9-1-02— Living and Walking in the Spirit

9-2-02— Seeing God’s Vision

9-3-02— God is Looking for Something

9-15-02— Thou Art Now the Blessed of the Lord

9-11-02— We need the Whole Armor of God

9-12-02p— Where Are We?

9-13-02p— We are Redeemed

9-14-02— Guarding the House

9-16-02— Pioneers of Faith

9-17-02— Until Christ Be Formed in You

9-18-02— The Law of the Spirit of Life

9-19-02 a/b— Pursuing Our Enemies ( 2 Tapes)

8-22-02— Oneness

10-13-02— A More Sure Word of Prophesy

A-H— What is the Noise Heard in the Camp?


AQ---Jesus is Alive

AA--- In My Affliction

AP--- The Body and Blood- The bread and wine

AB--- What Kind of Meeting is This?

AO--- See the Son

AC--- Liberty in the Spirit

AN---Ministry of the Holy Ghost

AD--- Comparing Ourselves with Ourselves

AK--- To Please the Father

AE--- Partakers of the Divine Nature

AL--- But We See Jesus

AF--- Come Up Hither

AM--- Ability of God

Ag---Give me this Mountain

NJ--- The Children's Bread ( healing Teaching)

Wf-54--- Seeing beyond dead things

AJ--- For the Glory of God

Wf-53--- Ability of God

AI--- From A-Z

Wf-50--- Going after the Ark

WF23--- Seeing and Touching God

Wf-49--- I Love the Lord Because..,

WF24--- I've come to get my stuff

Wf-48--- Pursuing Peace

WF25--- Walking with God

B10---Signs of the Time

WF26--- Imparting Spiritual Gifts

B9---Preaching and Showing

WF27--- The Lord's Release

B8--- Are the Children Free

WF28 Dead on the Sea Shore

B7--- David's Army

WF29--- Oppression or Overflow

B6--- The Call of God

WF30--- Living in the World to come

B5--- Understanding Mysteries

WF31--- Seeing Afar Off

B4 Going on to Perfection

B3--- Water Walking Saints

WF-46— The Constant Flow of Revelation

WF-45 Losing the Pains of Death

WF-44— The City Rang Again

WF-43— Knowing When to Reap

WF-42— Come Up to Me

WF-41— Upholding All Things By the Word of His Power

WF-40— Preach the Word

WF-39— How Will Thou Do in the Swelling of Jordan

WF-38— Let Us Pray

WF-37— Walking the Trail of Tears

WF-36— While Waiting for Your Miracle

WF-29-1— Seeing the Need For Change

WF-32— After the Judges Come the King

WF-33— Stirred in Our Spirits

WF-34— Reason For the Assembly

WF-35— Thy Kingdom Come

WF-17— Being Able to Stand and Withstand

WF-18— Adam’s Side

WF-19— What Shall We Have Therefore?

WF-2— One of the Days of Christ

WF-1— You Have Not Been This Way Before

7104---  The Blood

8204---  Exposing the Spirit of Deception

8904--- When God is in the House

81604--- The Prophetic Voice/ Tradition or Transformation

81704---  Trail Blazers

81804---  Real Freedom

12-04-04--- Three Golden Keys

12-11-04--- In Him

12-18-04--- A Spirit Led Life

11-27-04--- Commandment- Content- Method

1-16-05--- Victory in the Wilderness

1-23-05--- Growing up

1-30-05--- Blessed Eyes and Ears

2-06-05--- The God of Daniel

1-09-05---Adding to

11-22-04--- Reasons for lack of Spiritual Maturity

11-15-04--- Passing the Vision

11-03-04--- Three things done in Secret- Rewarded openly

11-04-04--- Bind the Strong man and Spoil his House