From Fathers Heart To Yours
Friday, April 23, 2021

Bible Study Teachings

11148- Sowing Seeds
11288- Debtors and Fools
12058- Weddings and Stewards
12128- Barren Fig Tree
12198- Wheat and Tare- Seed and Leaven
10208- - Wineskins and Blindskins
10908- Unmerciful Servant
11608- Good Samaritan
12308- Friend at Midnight
13008- Promotion
20608- The Invitation
22708- Unjust Steward
30508- Unjust Judge/ Prayers Answered
31208- Workers in the Vineyad
32608- King's Son- Ten Virgins- Ten Talents
40208- The Good Shepherd (Lazarus and Rich Man)

Doctrine Series
40908- Is Correct Doctrine Important?
41608- Give attendance to Doctrine
42308- Take Heed to Yourself
43008- In the Latter Times
The Necessity of Blood Series
51408-Who's Pursuing Who?
52108- Setting Precedent
6408-The Passover Lamb
61108- The Revealing of Sin
61808- The Living Blood
The Unseen Records Series
7208- The Revelation
7908- Mysteries part 1
72308- Mysteries part 2
73008-Unspeakable and Hidden Mysteries
8608- Heaven and Earth Records
81308- The Eternal Purpose
Hearing God Series
82008- Different Voices
82608-Whose Voice
9208- Hinderances to Hearing A
9908- Hinderances to Hearing B
101408-Requirements For Hearing
102108-The ways God Speaks Part 1
102808-Prophets and People
111808 Dreams and Visions
112508- Creation
120208- Spirits and Word
12908-What We Hear
Music Now and Later Series
122108- Origin
122808-Revivals- true and False
123008- When It's Right
Walking in the Steps of that Faith of Abraham Series
1209When He was Called
2179-When He Believed
Dangers of Idolatry Series
2249- Warnings and Calls
339- Prophecy Fulfilled
Angels and Demons Series
3179- Origin of Angels and Man
3249- Purpose
3319- Our Ministries
479- The Wrestling
4149-The Seed
4289-The Order
A Powerless Church Allows Evil Control Series
559 Giving Heed To....
5109- Strong Delusion
Creating An Atmosphere That Welcomes the Holy Ghost Series
3109- Jesus Promises
3159- When He Comes
629- What stops Him?
679-The Manifestation
699-Works of Christ/ Works of the devil
6149- Praise/ Worship/ Our Part
6219-Yielding Unto Foolishness
6289- Ere The Lamp Went Out
61106- Baptism In The Holy Ghost
Being Led of the Spirit of God Series
779- Establishing Truth
7219- Seeing Eyes and Hearing Ears
7289-The True Voice
Becoming More Than Conquerors Series
849- Going Beyond Resistance
8119- Whose Pursuing Who?
8189- The Will and Plan of God
8259- Seperation From Darkness
919- Hindering the Pursuit
989- Wrong and Right Affection
9229- Honesty
9309- Conquering In Spirit First
1069- Binding and Loosing
10139- Take Away His Armour
10209-Take Off the Head
10279- Building the Garrison