From Fathers Heart To Yours
Friday, April 23, 2021
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Why are You Still Lost?
You may be holding back from accepting Jesus because you view yourself as good or better than the people that go to church and call themselves Christians.
While it is true that you ought to be able to look at professing Christians and see someone you would like to be like, the truth is we’re not perfect. But then you knew that already and I just see you laughing and saying, “There I told you so.”
I remember calling Christians, “Hypocrites, You won’t find me in there with all those hypocrites.” You’ve probably said that to. But truly you probably don’t know a lot about the people you call hypocrites. You probably only see a very small portion of their life. Actually for us to call them hypocrites is not warranted at all. In fact it would be more right for Christians to call sinners hypocrites when those sinners are using that as an excuse to stay away form Jesus and the church.
Jesus used the word hypocrites when talking about religious people who claimed to know the right way, demand others to live it, but not live it themselves.
You see to be a hypocrite is the same as to be an actor. One who can step in and out of character by their own will. I’m sure you are saying that’s what Christians do, well it seems like they do. I am sure if you and I could see the whole life of the person or persons we’re so quick to call an actor, we would see a completely different picture than what we thought.
There are people in the church that can and do act the part only. Jesus said we could know the tree by its fruit. We must look further than a single incident, a traumatic occurrence etc. We must look at the whole life.
But then again if one only comes to Jesus because one saw others that did and wanted to be like them, we might not be coming completely for the right reason. I say it’s great to see the change in someone’s life after Jesus came in their heart and want the same change. But in truth, who should you look at and determine it’s the right thing to be born again? Why, it must be Jesus!
Sometimes people will ask me, how do you love Jesus so much? Reply. That’s easy. Just look at what He’s done for you!
When you and I begin to look at Jesus and what He’s done for us, then we have to see the greatest love that’s ever been. We have to see that we needed Jesus to do that for us. We have to see that we can’t call Him a hypocrite. He is the real, genuine article.
If you will call upon Jesus right now, He will come into your heart and save you from your sins. You’ll be a new creation in Christ Jesus! I don’t suppose that you will do everything perfect right away. But God will help you as you continue to look to Him. But be careful, someone might call you a hypocrite along the way and you’ll find yourself keeping company with all those other “so called” hypocrites you said you’d never be around.
But in doing so you’ll not find so many actors, but genuine believers that will love you, take you in as a family, will always be there for you, will understand your times of struggle and help you through.
Hypocrites! No- the family of God. Those the devil didn’t want you to get to know.
So- Why are you still lost?
Running out of reasons? Can’t even find a hypocrite to blame, come on home to Jesus where you belong!