From Fathers Heart To Yours
Friday, April 23, 2021
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Why are you still lost?
(Too Many Mysteries)
I can’t understand it! I’ve heard that phrase many times over the years. This is a very wide spread and common belief, even among those that say they are saved. The truth is you can understand. Do you want to?
Many people over the years have set about to read the Bible in hopes of gaining knowledge or in some cases to disprove it all together. In many of those cases some have gotten born again, some have found comfort or peace for a time just to have it fade away with time, while others have come away with a heard rebuke of the scriptures that turned into anger or hate toward the God of Love the Bible is written by. Some begin to read the scriptures, and then give up after a time because they couldn’t seem to grasp the truths of God’s Word and others expect a great experience that somehow fails to happen after a few short pages.
No matter what anybody’s reason for reading; the scriptures are written to reveal God’s salvation that is in Jesus Christ.   The best minds in the world can not prove God’s Word wrong, they can only come to believe on Jesus or reject him.
After a person is born again, the scriptures become our manual to love by. They are God’s Word of correction, instruction, and life for us who put our trust in Jesus Christ.
Jesus said: “they that are without the kingdom of God only hear parables with no understanding or meaning, but those in the kingdom are given understanding of the mysteries.”
The Bible itself tells us that the mysteries of God were not understood until Jesus came to give man the understanding he needs.
For many years there were certain church leaders who would not even allow people to have scriptures or read the. Then the reformation came and scriptures began to be made available for all to read. Praise God! However there are still people in leadership positions today that tell people the same thing, that they need not read the Bible for they can’t understand it. They say only “specially trained people” can give people the understanding. This, my friends, in not at all what the Bible says about it.
Our God wanted and still does want us to understand His Word, His way, His will, His voice, and his plan for us and all humanity. He has given all this and much more in the pages of His Word, the Bible. But you may say I just don’t understand it. If you go about it the right way, you can and you will.
First, you will not understand the mysteries of God without first being born again. This is done by believing Jesus Christ is your’ Saviors and the only Savior and ask Him to come into your heart. Romans 10:9-10
After this Jesus promised to give us the Holy Ghost to teach us and guide us into all truths. Jesus also said that the Father would give the Holy Ghost to whoever asked him and received.
When this is done you and I will begin to be taught of god just the way God promises we would.
The Bible will begin to come alive with God’s life. It will begin to be understood more and more clearly as we read, pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to teach us.
The mysteries will no longer be mysterious. For once there is revelation and understanding, there’s no longer a mystery. Then we begin to see the deeper things of God come into view. You know, those things you heard others talk about, some said you couldn’t understand, and you thought you couldn’t, but now you hunger for – you know these things you said ‘I just couldn’t understand’ before.
We find in God’s Word (I Corinthians 2:9-10) that there are great and wonderful things prepares for us by God. We can find out what they are by trusting the Holy Ghost to show us. By seeking, believing, asking, we will find and receive the wonderful rich things God has in store for us. You know- the ones the devil didn’t want you to know about, the ones that you said you couldn’t understand.
They’re waiting for you to come and believe, to come and receive. Come and enjoy the life Jesus Christ has purchased for you and God so freely gives to all who will come and ask.
Why are you still lost? Too many mysteries? Not anymore!