From Fathers Heart To Yours
Friday, April 23, 2021
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Why Are You Still Lost?
(Too Much to Give Up)
Many people that are not born again think that they can’t be because they are involved in to many wrong things and can’t give them up. Most don’t want to give them up. The truth is none of us want to give up the pleasure of sin because that’s what our flesh and sin nature require of us and we feeed them well. Then there’s the devil’s kingdom that is more than willing to offer and provide for sinful activity so we’ll be convinced it’s the right thing to do, and we must fit in with what’s happening now.
Most people have a group of people that they keep company with, usually the ones that you “have fun with.” It’s always in the mind of folks that they’ll have to give up their friends and they can’t have any more fun if they become a Christian. Mind you that there are a lot of professing Christians that look and act like their not having any fun or enjoying life at all.
Some may even tell you that you can’t have fun or you’re not supposed to any more because you are separated from the world now and you’re not allowed those things; pleasure and fun.
When someone comes to faith in Jesus the first thing is the rejoicing of angels because you’ve come. That sounds like fun to me! Luke 15:10
Then Jesus said that He gives us fullness of joy. In His presence is fullness of joy and at his right hand are pleasures forever more. Psalm 16:11
Then there’s the promise that Jesus would give is life and life more abundant. John 10:10
How about the promise to give us many more friends and family in the kingdom of God than we had before?
Now here’s the truth. The friends we may have in this world without Christ may be the best one could ever have. Jesus said that sinners love sinners and that some would even give their life for others.
No matter how faithful a friend might be, their love can never match the love that Jesus has for you. He gave His life for us even when we were ungodly and very undeserving.
Most of the friends in this world only last as long as things are good and run when trouble comes. Jesus promised to never leave us not forsake us, and to see us through every difficult time in life. Romans5:8
As long as any of us continue to live in sin, whether on drugs, alcohol, pornography, or simply lying it’s all the same. Even our best deeds will not produce for us what we really need. The payment for sin is death and all are guilty of it and deserve the payment. But God, in Jesus has a gift that pays eternal life! It’s free! It’s for you!
When we give our lives to Jesus Christ we are changed. The desires change, our heart is changed. We give up the old life for His new one. The things we used to enjoy are no longer what we want.
You see it’s not that we have to give up so much. It’s that it has to give up its hold on our life. We make a trade: we give up death for life, sinner for saint, bondage for freedom, depression for joy, hell for heaven.
 I know you’re probably thinking it’s too good to be true. Well it is good and it is true. In fact it’s much better than I can explain here in this writing. But the Bible has a lot more to say about it, if you’ll begin to read it.
I made the switch over 25 years ago and I’m not sorry I did. You can find many others that will tell you the same.
Why are you still lost?
Too much to give up?
No! Everything to gain in Jesus! Won’t you make the exchange today? Come on home where you belong! You’ll see right away it’s the right place to be!