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Friday, April 23, 2021
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The Seduction of the Elect

We are going to turn to Mark 13 today. In this chapter is one of many places in the Scriptures that talk about the end times. I don't know of any Bible teacher, preacher, so called prophecy expert (if there is such a thing) that doesn't refer to the gospels when talking about the end times.
They always look at what Jesus said about the end times. We can all agree that if we are going to know what the end times hold we are going to have to look at what Jesus said about it. We can't just go by what some teacher said or what some book says, we have to look at what the bible says. We have got to live by
the Word of God.

Mark 13 tells us about some things that happen in the end times. Jesus said they are common things that everybody seems to know about: changes in weather patterns, famines, pestilence. There are more diseases in the world today that there have ever been. You hear of things all the time. If you turn on the news there is going to be a threat of some kind of disease getting to you and it seems there is a new one all the time.  You can't even keep up with what they have already told you and then they give you a new one. There is nothing that man has come with that can help or cure these diseases.  How many of you know there is a helper, there is a healer, and His name is Jesus! Amen!

Jesus told that these things would happen. He said there would be nation rise against nation- Kingdom against kingdom- wars and rumors of war and all of these things are all over the world today. We have such trouble and conflict in the world today. We have had earthquakes in so many different places. We have even had them right here.

We need to know there is a place to dwell in Jesus where these things will not harm or affect you, a place of divine protection- nothing missing nothing broken. Jesus told us there would be terrible times coming on the earth and I believe that we are in those terrible times. I believe that we are on the edge of the river bank. I believe with all my heart that there are times ahead for us to see and some to experience, things of turmoil and conflict, trouble and disaster coming upon the face of the earth. Things are intensifying. Jesus said that men's hearts would fail them for trying to look after the things coming upon the earth. Right now people
can't even stay in a high level position very long because the pressure gets so hot they can't handle it. It gets so hot for them and they bow out; they don't know what to do. Let me tell you, man doesn't know what to do with these things. Man doesn't know how to handle these things because they are too big. Have you ever heard of a hurricane like what's hit the south lands or the Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka, India and other places? Those things are real and they are here. The Word of God said there were terrible times coming upon the face of the earth, terrible times for mankind to face but I have the answer and His name id Jesus Christ! I have a safe haven for you and that place is found in Jesus Christ
I want to talk to you about the most dangerous peril, the most dangerous thing that Gods people have to face in the end times. You might say well you have already told us a lot. Well I am going to tell you something worse than all of that.
 Please read Mark 13:22- 23. You might be thinking, what's so terrible about that?  I hope you will see before we get through with this study.  The battles that we as believers face today are going to be won only
by the faith of the Son of God. Passivity will not work, idleness will not work, being worldly minded will not work, the way of faith is the only way that we are going to win the battles we have to face. As much as we would like to believe otherwise we are going to have conflicts to face, things to deal with. The Bible never says that we are made immune to the problems of the world, it tells us though that we have an answer, we have the power to deal with it, we have the wisdom to handle it, we have the equipment that
the world doesn't have. Jesus said the Holy Ghost would come to us. He said the world doesn't have Him, they can't see Him but you know Him because you have seen Him. Beloved we have to know what the Holy Ghost is like and how to work with Him in order to face and overcome the way God has called us to
Jesus said that there would be false Christ’s and false prophets. In other words there are going to be people that are raised up in the last days who appear to from God but are not.
 He told us things that they will do. They are going to show signs and wonders, things that appear to be God but are not God. They are a lie. The Bible says the devil will manifest lying signs and wonders in the last days. What is he going to do that for? He is doing that to seduce. Do you know what seduce means? It means to bring someone under a spell or under some kind of power that you have no defense against. You have no way to deal with it; you’re just carried away with this power that you come under. The lying signs and wonders coming upon the earth are to seduce, to bring people under the power of the devil and evil spirits, under the power of that that the Bible from.
Who is he trying to seduce? Let me tell you folks, the devil has no need to seduce the world, they are already seduced, and they are already under the doctrine of devils and the power of darkness. The Bible calls him the “god of this world”, the “ruler of darkness”, the one who controls people who don’t know Jesus Christ. Who then is he trying to seduce? He is after the elect. In our Bible passage it says “the devils goal is to seduce if possible, the very elect” The ones he should not be able to seduce is who he is after. He is after YOU! 
People take this word elect and begin to argue about it. Some say He’s not even talking about the church; He’s talking about the Jews. Well let me tell you there is nothing in the Bible that doesn’t pertain to the church. The elect, according to scripture began with people God chose to make a covenant with and chose to manifest Himself in. People like Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the Jewish nation. He chose these people, they are called the elect. They are the elect that was chosen by God in order to establish a covenant in the earth because God had to have a covenant in the earth in order to manifest Jesus Christ. Jesus could not come unless God had a means for Him to come and that way had to be through a covenant with people, with man somewhere ,so that was God’s elect. It was God’s avenue for bringing Jesus into the world.
The Bible says those covenants God made through Moses are gone away. And the Bible tells us that the covenant He made with Abraham superceded that covenant and it could not be done away. It could only be established for ever and it was established through Jesus Christ. So beloved you are the elect of God. You came in on this thing by being chosen of God unto salvation. Not that he chose us as individual people and determined that we were going to be saved. NO, the elect of God is whom the gospel is preached to. Jesus said, whosoever will, that means everybody in the world. He would not tell us to preach the gospel to every creature unless every creature was subject to be brought into the elect. The elect are those that have heard the gospel, believe the truth, and receive Jesus Christ, that makes us part of the elect! Being part of the elect you become part of God’s kingdom, part of eternal life, part of the anointing of the Holy Ghost which means you are also a target for the enemy!
You have an enemy and that enemy is out to seduce you and I, the elect of God, the people of God and the only way were going to win is by the faith of the Son of God. People are trying to make something happen with God rather than relying on God to make it happen. You can’t make things happen with God. You have got to depend on God because He is the doer if it. The bible doesn’t say that the Holy Ghost will come and then we can make stuff happen. The Bible says the Holy Ghost will come and empower us, teach us and anoint us. So it is by His power, might, anointing, wisdom, leadership, and direction that things are accomplished. So we are going to have to be people that rely on the Holy Ghost.
It is the seduction of the elect that we have to watch out for. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, etc. are terrible happenings but they are not our biggest enemy. Our biggest enemy is the one who is trying to seduce us into following the way that we have been delivered from, the way that is not God yet appears to be and says that it is, but is a lie.
The devil is trying to deceive, seduce and bring us under his power. He is liar, a thief, tempter, deceiver, blinder of minds. He is called the devourer and destroyer. He transforms himself into an angle of light. He is arrogant, proud, haughty and high-minded yet he will crawl on his belly in the sewer to destroy one person just so he can stand up and brag about who he is and what he has done.
Who is the devil after? He is after the elect, those who profess faith in Jesus Christ. If you don’t believe me look at Revelation Chapters 12 and 3. You will see that the dragon went after those that had the testimony of Jesus Christ. Do you have a testimony today? This enemy opposes all that God is and all that is called God and all that is God. You are called by the name of God, by the name of Christ. If the name of Jesus has been spoken by your lips then he is after you. He is out to trick you. He cannot come to you face to face and defeat you. If he tried to do that you would immediately know who he is. You would recognize him because the Spirit within you knows who he is and the spirit within you says that “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!”
 So, he cannot come to you face to face, he as to come in the back door. Just as Jesus taught in John 10 He exalts and worships only himself and he calls himself God. The devil is the reason for all destruction , death, sickness, disease, adultery, divorce, drug addiction, alcoholism, pornography, prostitution, child abuse, murder, abortion, homosexuality and every other evil deed that’s under the sun, he is the author and cause of it. He is behind every act of war, terrorism, natural disasters, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and every other devastating thing that threatens or takes the life of man and mans peace and security.
The Bible says that he is wiser than Daniel. He is not ignorant. Don’t go around calling the devil ugly names. Don’t threaten him or dare him to fight. You have enough trouble to deal with without asking for more. Don’t go around turning up rocks looking for devils. Don’t go around looking for the devil to be manifested, you see enough of him without even trying. He is the devourer, the one who destroys by seduction, witchcraft and sorcery. He at work in the world’s system, movies, music, TV, government, schools, Bible Collages, seminary, he is in the denominational head quarters, pulpits, Sunday Schools , in the home, toys that children play with. By lying signs and wonders he tries to make people believe he is God. There is no part of human society, near or far that he has not touched or influenced by demonic spirits working by the inroad of sin. Because of the inroad of sin the devil has free reign to work these things in the world. He has been very wise and crafty in doing it. He works it in to every piece of society. You can bring it home with you from the grocery store and not even know you have it in the bag. You can bring it home in clothing, movies, on a tape, CD, or DVD and not even know you were near it. The devil has influenced and has used his seductive powers to manipulate and get his way into the world’s system.
The devil has influenced and has used his seductive powers to manipulate and get his way into the world’s system. I am not saying the president is evil, or the senators and congressmen. Don’t go and say that I said that because I didn’t. I am saying that there is a system at work and because there is a system at work that has allowed him in and even invited him then it changes society by the influence that is placed upon people through these systems and that influence.
Years ago at the drive in theaters, they wanted to increase the sales at the snack bar. People had to get out of their cars and go get their food. So what they did is they flashed a picture on the screen of a giant size coke, hamburger and french fries. They would flash it so fast that you didn’t even know that you saw it. But because of that influence upon the mind of man the sales increased by 50% over night. How did that happen? Because there is a part of man that goes unnoticed and it’s the mind of man, where these things are worked and brought to pass is by the influence upon the mind of man. It is in the subconscious, it is in places that people don’t even know that they have got. Psychiatry and Psychologist knows you’ve got it because that is where they deal when you got to them. How do they know? Because the devil taught them. This is not popular is it? Well, I’m just telling you the truth. The devil still works on the same avenues that he has worked on since the beginning: lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. Everything that we have to deal with will come in one of those three categories.
The lusts of the flesh are the things that the flesh wants to go after. It’s not hard to find something for the flesh to go after. All you have to do is turn on the news, there is plenty of it there. The other night we were going to watch the weather report and we turned on the TV to get it. The commercials were so bad we had to turn it off. It was pornography right on the TV screen. You can’t even set through a news broadcast without the pornography, and other ungodly influences pulling upon the flesh of man, to try to get man to follow the ways of the flesh.
Beloved, you find this in 90% of churches today, the pull on the flesh, preaching that satisfies the flesh. We find things even in the church that are influenced by the powers of darkness rather that the Holy Ghost, because people for the most part are “needs oriented” people. I need to be healed- I need money- I need groceries- I need a car- I need gas, and on and on it goes. What we haven’t learned however is how to rest in Jesus and understand the covenant of God and rely upon His Word. My God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19
There is a way of God that takes care of all if we will follow the way of God! The way of God is the only way to take care of our needs, not the way of the flesh. Yet the influence is to try and carry the church the way of the flesh.

The Lust of the Eyes

You know you can fill the lust of the eyes just by walking down the road. There are people and things every where that your eye wants to see. The Bible says what the eye sees has never been satisfied. The eye never sees all it wants to, it never gets done looking. The lust of the eye is what entices the lust of the flesh many times.

How many people do you know that go after things they don't really need? Man has more expensive toys available than there has ever been in the history of mankind. We don't need a 4-wheeler sitting around every corner of the yard. You don't need a giant size TV, a small one does just as good. You don't
have to have a remote control! Man has become so lazy that we can't even watch anything without a remote control. We need to exercise, move a little bit. We need to get off the couch and do something instead of expecting everything to come in on a silver platter.

Man has gotten lazy. People don't know haw to labor and work like in days gone by. I was talking recently to a man who left a super high paying job to be a family man, a man of God. He does jobs now that no body else wants to do. Yet he is happy and content to be able to spend time with his family. There are farmers around here that don't have any trouble getting someone to drive something, but you ask somebody to manually scoop corn and see how many takers that you get. Ask someone to clean out the stables and see who wants to do it. Ask someone to use a hoe, chainsaw or ax and see how many
People want everything easy, everything motorized. A lot of the reason for this is because of the deception of the enemy. People have begun to think they can't live any differently but there is a different way. The pride of life has been playing on man for a long time. People go on strike. They are already making $30.00 an hour and they go on strike for more money and benefits. I heard somebody say one time during a strike in the coal mines that it would take him 20 years to make up the money that he lost an the strike even if they got the money that they were after. Does this make sense to anybody? Of course it doesn't You see it is the pride of life that pushes man into that kind of thing, that makes man think that he has to try and be
something other than what he is, that makes man think he is supposed to be somewhere other than where he is supposed to be and possess things he ought not possess.

It is the pride of life, the arrogance of man that the devil works on to get man to move in the area of destruction.  The pride of man is destructive and it is the devils playground. He has built up strongholds and imaginations in the mind and has in place high things that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God and even the voice of God.  You know Moses never sought for the acts of god he sought for the ways of God. The Bibles testifies to the fact that Moses was a man who sought the way of God. The children of Israel sought the deeds of God and they could never follow Him because everything was based upon some kind of miracle all the time.  Let me tell you God is still in the miracle business we see Him do them all the time but what God wants is for us, His people to learn to walk in His way and understand His way. We are to seek after the knowledge, understanding, and the wisdom of God because these things are what will crown our life with glory and what will give us the power to overcome.
The knowledge of God will keep us on the right path. God calls us to seek after this. He said my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. People do not know how God operates like they ought to. People have not understood what the preaching, the service, the singing and music are all about. It’s not about a bunch of people getting together to have a good time, it’s about doing things God’s way.
You say “Why do you do things the way you do?” Because we have sought the face of God, we have understood some things that please Him, therefore we follow that way. When we understand some more things that please Him, beloved we will follow that. Amen
Man’s opinions exalt themselves. Opinions are a dime a dozen and some of them are cheaper than that! They are not worth anything! You can find them anywhere. People throw them out everywhere you go whether you ask for it or not. Those opinions exalt themselves in man’s mind. Things get planted in man’s mind and that’s where the devil likes to play. Col 1:13 says that we have been delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son. Beloved, that is the Elect! That is where the faith of the Son of God is made available for God’s people. You never found Jesus having to wrestle with the devil. You never found Jesus disturbed about His future. You never found Jesus wondering what the will of God was because He kept His mind stayed on Him.
The Bible says in Isaiah 26:3, He shall keep Him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee. You can have your heart right but your mind be all messed up. Your heart can be right but your mind wondering 1000 miles a minute and you’re all confused and tormented. While that is going on you can say I love Jesus but that won’t help you until you begin to arrest your mind and make it change from what it’s been. We have been delivered form the power of darkness therefore as the Bible says in Romans 6 we should never allow ourselves to come under the authority of that which we have been delivered from. Never submit, never succumb, never give an inch to anything you have been delivered from, and through Jesus we have been delivered from everything!
You have been delivered from sin and the power of it, from sickness and disease and the power of it, from tormenting and lying spirits, perversion, from lack and the list goes on and on. Don’t ever allow it to bring you into bondage again. We have been delivered from these things and translated into the kingdom of God.
The Bible says we ought to feed on Spirit words and we will receive life. The spirit mind is life and peace. The flesh mind is death and torment and that is where the enemy wants to work and that’s where he wants to keep God’s people, in the flesh realm.
Hebrews 4:12 says the Word of God is quick and powerful. The world doesn’t have a word for you that is alive. The world doesn’t have any counsel for you. The Bible says in Psalm chapter 1 to not seek for the counsel of the ungodly, not to sit in the place of scorners or sit with sinners. We are not to seek after those things but we are to follow the word of God. If we follow His word we will receive the river of life, the words of life. You will be planted where storms cannot move you. You will be watered and when drought comes you will have a green leaf when everything else around you is drying up. I am talking about a people that feed upon spirit words and life!
The Word of God is alive and powerful and it is His word that we need. That is what we need to seek after and trust in. Rom. 12:1-2 says for us not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.
How are you going to renew your mind? You have to submit it to the Word and work of the Holy Spirit. You have to see that you can’t feed on the things that are ungodly and keep your mind stayed on Him. You can’t walk with one foot in the dark and one in the light, it just won’t work! You will always be torn between two sides and you won’t even know which side you’re on.
2 Corinthians 10: 21 tells us that we cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils. Don’t call your self a mere human being! If you are born again, you are born of the Spirit. The first man Adam was earthy but the 2nd was heavenly, spiritual. He came out from the Father and went back to the Father. He begot us again into a lively hope by the word and the regeneration of the Holy Ghost. We are washed by the water of the Word. We are now spiritual! We live in a flesh house but we are spiritual. The bible says the spirit of God that is within you will quicken / make alive your flesh house. It will bring your flesh house in subjection. Don’t allow your flesh house to bring your spirit in subjection to the flesh and the world. You see what so many people are doing, is allowing the flesh to bring the spirit into subjection to the world and the kingdom of darkness.
The Bible says that though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh. Even though we walk in an earth house there are treasures in the house. There are treasures in the house because God is in the house. We can’t use our flesh or anything of it to try and overcome the obstacles or the influence or the mind of the enemy. We don’t use what our flesh can give us but we use what the Spirit of God gives us! We use the weapons of our warfare that are mighty through God! It is not though you or I or anything we can find in this world, it is through what God had given us through His Spirit!
It is Almighty God in the “house” that gives us the power, wisdom, understanding and ability to pull down strongholds, to cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. When your mind is stayed on Him then you can arrest your thoughts and keep your mind under control. Then, you will know what peace is. You will know what it is like to richly dwell in the secret place, in the presence of God and enjoy the unsearchable riches of Christ.
John 6:63 says it is the Spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing. Paul said in this flesh dwelleth no good thing, that is why we have to crucify it folks! That is why it has to be subdued, overcome, crucified, buried and stay there!
His Words are Spirit and they are life. The thief cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10) And everyday you are going to be confronted by him in some form or fashion. How are you going to face the confrontation? How are you going to deal with it? If we deal with it after the flesh then we are just putting ourselves in a bigger mess. Now let me add here that there are none of us that haven’t failed in this area at some point in time. But just because we have failed doesn’t mean we have to continue to fail. Just because we have failed doesn’t mean that we have to remain in that area of failure. You are not a failure as long as you get up and try! You’re not defeated as long as you say I am going to get up again, with God’s help I’m getting up and will overcome!
I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ that liveth in me. The life that I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the sun of God who loved me and gave Himself for me. (Galatians 2:20) Beloved, that verse alone says volumes for us as the Elect of God. We have got to seek to be crucified. We have to understand what crucifixion is all about. It is about putting to death the flesh and the lusts of it. Some might say there is no life, no joy in what I am saying, in the crucifying of the flesh. But I am talking about getting rid of something that is corrupt, something that stinks! We have to see that on the other side of crucifixion is LIFE! What we haven’t seen to the fullest is the living part. I’m not about putting someone in bondage; I am trying to call people to abundant life.